Bigbazooka's Items

Name Fighter Category Rarity Level
Small Treasure MapSmall Treasure Mapnot equippedTreasure MapRare (R3)3
Heavy MaulHeavy Maulnot equipped2-Hand Melee WeaponUncommon (R2)1
Primitive HandaxePrimitive Handaxenot equipped1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Crude RobesCrude Robesnot equippedCloth ArmorCommon (R1)1
Nasty LeathersNasty Leathersnot equippedLeather ArmorCommon (R1)2
Poor LeathersPoor Leathersnot equippedLeather ArmorCommon (R1)1
Dank PlateDank Platenot equippedPlate ArmorCommon (R1)1
Cracked MedallionCracked Medallionnot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Cracked BraceletCracked Braceletnot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Chipped ChokerChipped Chokernot equippedTrinketCommon (R1)1
Cloth x4Cloth x4not equippedCrafting ResourceCommon (R1)1
Fine Corrosion StaffFine Corrosion StaffBigbazooka2-Hand Ranged Magic WeaponRare (R3)2
Superb Light FlaskSuperb Light FlaskThe Tough Sadist1-Hand Healing WeaponRare (R3)2
Superb RobesSuperb RobesThe Tough SadistCloth ArmorRare (R3)4
Leathers of RedoubtLeathers of RedoubtBigbazookaLeather ArmorUncommon (R2)1
Basic LeathersBasic LeathersLehmuts the ShapedLeather ArmorUncommon (R2)1
Plain BandPlain BandBusy CatherineTrinketUncommon (R2)2
Heavy BandHeavy BandThe Tough SadistTrinketUncommon (R2)1
Heavy MedallionHeavy MedallionEvoker RitaTrinketUncommon (R2)1
Cheap KnuckledusterCheap KnuckledusterShe Who Makes Dust1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Weak LanceWeak LanceShe Who Makes Dust1-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)1
Worn LongbowWorn LongbowBusy Catherine2-Hand Ranged WeaponCommon (R1)1
Primitive LongbowPrimitive LongbowLehmuts the Shaped2-Hand Ranged WeaponCommon (R1)1
Staff of CorrosionStaff of CorrosionEvoker Rita2-Hand Ranged Magic WeaponCommon (R1)1
Poor Flask of LifePoor Flask of LifeThe Tough Sadist1-Hand Healing WeaponCommon (R1)1
Dank MailDank MailBusy CatherineMail ArmorCommon (R1)1
Chipped MedallionChipped MedallionShe Who Makes DustTrinketCommon (R1)1
Cracked DiademCracked DiademConman LisaTrinketCommon (R1)1
Scratched MedallionScratched MedallionLehmuts the ShapedTrinketCommon (R1)1