temptress82's Items

Name Fighter Category Rarity Level
500 XP Potion500 XP Potionnot equippedXP PotionUncommon (R2)1
Fantastic PlateFantastic Platetemptress82Plate ArmorHeroic (R4)2
Throwing Axe of SuccessThrowing Axe of Successtemptress821-Hand Ranged WeaponRare (R3)1
Excellent MailExcellent MailTardy IanMail ArmorRare (R3)2
Fine CircletFine Circlettemptress82TrinketRare (R3)1
Heavy GreatbowHeavy GreatbowTardy Ian2-Hand Ranged WeaponUncommon (R2)2
Standard Resolve FlaskStandard Resolve FlaskDudley the Smoker1-Hand Healing WeaponUncommon (R2)1
Basic Robes of KnowledgeBasic Robes of KnowledgeDudley the SmokerCloth ArmorUncommon (R2)1
Heavy EarringsHeavy EarringsDudley the SmokerTrinketUncommon (R2)2
Heavy AnkletHeavy AnkletTardy IanTrinketUncommon (R2)2
Battered LanceBattered Lancetemptress821-Hand Melee WeaponCommon (R1)3
Chipped Courage WandChipped Courage WandDudley the Smoker1-Hand Ranged Healing WeaponCommon (R1)1