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HUP ruined this gameListen, perp, you were given options, none of which you were willing to take. If you really wanted to stand a chance you should have worked to make an alliance with one of the big guilds.
Guild Halls need to be defendableDude perp stop whining don't play if you can't take the heat
2D instead of 3DWould be cool to have that as an option. Would be really nice for your mobile devices that have real weak processors
Changes before tibXLmao lvl 11 guards were uber easy for me so if we wanna bring that back sure still got my lvl 11 ultis
Please have chats in Events tab go nowhereSo much this. Love to link things for myself in chat
Guild Hall DefenseBump!
Pvp leader board ideaCosmetic microtransactions would be nice. I would buy silvers if I didn't get so few per dollar, easier to buy them from other players
today is the day!Today is the day!
AltsI got about 7 alts and ask me how many dm prizes i logged for and didn't win. It was quite a few. Lol. And as for the multiplayer bonus I have multiple ips to log from so yeah...
GH guard system favors end game playersI never did mind outside guards. Then again ive been out of touch with this game for quite a bit so my opinion atm is probably irrelevant. Was free skulls for me. Got lots of lower level r
X-mass Storage upgradeNo downside here. Even if I had to pay for it I wouldn't care lol.
Damage Balance TweaksPeople work for their gear and stats. They should be rewarded for it imo.
Damage Balance TweaksMeh. 150% Crits make it interesting. Can say I would prefer the damage to be a bit lower say 25% gap instead of 40
+dmg does not speed up pvpBeen saying this forever...
Guild TerritoryI'm just waiting to see the qq now that HUP is on top again....