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Current No Show EventI'm a young Rick Sanchez exploring the universe with weaponized dark matter before I retire on Earth in my shuttle as a grumpy old drunk with a TV series.. In reality, I'm just you. :'D
Current No Show EventI'm enjoying the current event as well. Brings back a sense of "skill" into hunting again. If it doesn't become semi permanent, oh well. I'm just happy you guys have done something fresh :
Repair Event, Please!Hell yeah I'm encouraging actual nerfs and bans to all the cheaters. Your emotional guilty conscience is showing bud. My Corp adapted to this style of tib long before you even thought
Repair Event, Please!Reminds me of the old flame wars on here. All we are missing is Amcilla telling somebody they are as dumb as a rock. Do whatever you feel is needed Mythra/Ozy. Like more bans and nerfs
The Tales of Gabrielle RemyYes, Rhagnarak! Thank you for blessing us with more of your lore.
NEW EVENT plzIncreased loot drops on every NPC in both maps would be cool.
To OzyMust have slipped my mind
To OzyReread what I wrote and take it back. I forgot RoN exists lol.
Thehive hitsquad...saga!This was perfect
To OzyI'm sure you and everybody else has wonderful ideas for when money dries up in Spellbooks pond.
To OzyIf and When the game server's upkeep becomes too costly to justify continue running it, I propose that you scrap TIBX all together and rework the current TIB to be an offline game. With
New mapYou're probably correct.
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...Maybe make Terraform/Research bonus 20 or 25%.
Encourage activity?Your alliance has the ships/levels/gear to defend your cluster. It isn't Ozy's responsibility to reverse the 6 months of shit leadership you guys' have. It isn't the lack of content that h
Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Would Novas be the soft counter or hard counter to shields in TIB-X?