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All things silverI agree, but as of right now it is kind of inverse to how it should be. Early game is a grind and late game is easy. It should be reverse. Late game should be challenge, and early game sho
All things silverThe paywall got removed in yesterdays update. it wasn't meant to be a paywall, but it was the only solution to a specific problem. He found another solution, and has changed it now. The fe
F2p? Did I miss something?Ok that's a good solution. Because as of now, it's a paywall, and paywalls by their very nature prevent players from accessing important features. And they also earn the devs a lot of hate
F2p? Did I miss something?Can't hire any fighters wouldn't work. Again, you can't progress. You would just be stuck with the three common starter fighters unless you spend money. I also agree that pvp and guard cou
F2p? Did I miss something?I'm sure it wasn't intended, but unless the system DOES get changed, it's a blatant pay wall. The features which are locked may not seem crucial, but the main source of silvers, especially
Silent showHow about a silent show, but when you do it, it will show you, and no one else to exact location of the person. And it should cost cp. cp prices are still very low and the new sinks rly ar
BD value increasing, credit value decliningEither that, or I like my original suggestion. Just add more ships. The endgame isn't very diverse. Kill two birds with one stone and fix the endgame and the credits at the same time. 2 mo
New Unity client, feature suggestionsSome of these are good, but some like macros and the show tanks and people with low grap chance is stupid. Makes it WAY too easy.
BD value increasing, credit value decliningBOE gear is one of the problems in the market. No need to give the ability to make more lol.
BD value increasing, credit value decliningA new ship is probably the best idea for a credit sink. It would have to be at carrier and termi level but I'm having a hard time trying to think up a version with an ulti special which wo
The Infinite Black - Live on Steam!Is there a way to view the number of times the game has been downloaded on steam for a non developer? Would just be interesting for us to be able to see how many people are coming in via s
a simple Suggested updatedYankee I think you accidentally are swapping things around. He's saying he plays unity, but wants the stats to be visible immediately when you view your ship like they do on the original c
Nova, credit and bd sinkToo low. Start at 10% and add 10 per rarity would be better. So 60% at ulti
Exit & Defend Ever Making A Comeback? (and other questions...)I like this idea but a few modifications. I of course like my own idea of making Nova deal DOT for the explosion, but I also like your idea of nova also converting regular Damage to DOT. H
Purchasable Common Specials at EarthMake common specials take ep or something. Also some specials should not be available as common. Someone could just slap common novas on their alts.