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Unity Server Map DesignLol I'd love an 18 sector part of rift that you had to RJ into and out of..FVF area FTW!..hell add to it, Call it the Wyrd Cave of Wyrdness and have a everspawning stack of 6-10 roving Fr
Nova Device - Temporary FixCouple other ideas: limit fleet size. say 100 ships max can follow 1 ship, if more than 100 enter a sector...they are pushed out to a random sector near by, . then you will have 2 or 3 100
TIB News and Server Mergewhen they merged RGB HC were spawned in random sectors in black...lots died....HC is Hard.. In that I've got a question, I've got a HC on Blue(unity) and one in Grey...both of same name
activating one of the old serversthat would destroy the "new" gold server.
Aspirationnot sure they can show a video of them working, people could see the Code? anyhow neat idea..I'd also love to see how Hawt Mythra actually my mind...shes an 11!
Fusion Drive Idea :)so my Termi wears a Fusion. could be a very big hull driver. its not stealth, but if I have a fleet..who cares. any other perks? not sure why we'd want to wear this instead of followin
Ingame issues that aren't being addressed.TTA on old client android. Armoury CTD looking up comps, and stores, again on old android
Forget about Merge...RIFTVERSE Serverthis idea is fun as hell!
We need a merge... Seriouslyso be it, if I vote with bliz, blizzy, bliznit, and bliz1-20...thats 20 votes for M & T, if someone else wants to create 20 alts and vote N, they can...just get the concept out there....if
We need a merge... Seriouslyso can they not do a server wide broadcast PM to everyone? send something like this to EVERYONE in TIB.. please reply to this PM from /modX with your answer: do you want: Unity-Gre
We need a merge... Seriously/bump any chance of an update from the Dev's on this? Transfers, or Merge...any news would help at this point. We do understand you've been busy with your hugely successful KS for
We need a merge... SeriouslyYep bigger allies mean more people, more leads means more lead ego's to stroke, and there are only so many hands to go around...when those ego's don't get enough attention...they tend to Q
Dire Kickstarter hit $100k!I expect they are holding their breath to see the actual final number that hits in about 3 hrs. It would be cool if it actually hits 125k, just hope like hell it does not go down.
Dire Kickstarter hit $100k!Ozy and Team, Congrats on your Dire Kickstarter hitting the $100k marker, quite an achievement! 439 backers $101,968 pledged of $20,000 goal 27 hours to go Good Job! Bliz
We need a merge... SeriouslyWhen you guys are saying 200/8 is that 8 to be max deployed, or total max corps in allie? I'm good with 200/8 deployed, not including HC, but believe it should be possible to have 10-12