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Treasure ChestsLast night I received a rare treasure map after a battle so I used the map and removed my current squad and deployed a new squad to go looking for the chest (Dungeon II-East). After nearly
Weapon despawnI'm not sure why you couldn't equip the bow but you wouldn't be able to equip the Great Sword because only Heros and Paladins can equip those. Maybe the Warrior class isn't allowed to equi
v2.0 opinion?So far, I like the new Dungeon Map system better than the more limited version (0.1) that we had been playing. I like being able to move around and selecting my squad and actually having a
Dual wielding and knockbackI guess my point is that it doesn't seem fair that my fighter was denied his off-hand attack. It seems like my fighter was basically penalized (damage-wise) for landing a critical strike.
Dual wielding and knockbackSo I'm in a battle and I attack my opponent with my dual wielding warrior. My warriors' main hand critted which caused his opponent to be knocked back, but after that happened my warrior w
Longbow vs. ShortbowAs far as I can tell, it looks like the base damage for a longbow is around 270 ish and the base damage for a shortbow is around 230 ish yet they both have the same attack speed (8) and bo
IOS bugs and issues - Please Post Here!Hey guys, yesterday evening I e-mailed ([email protected]) screenshots regarding the issues I mentioned in the post from July 10. Hopefully you received them and they were able to give
IOS bugs and issues - Please Post Here!When playing on my Ipad (iOS 9.3.2) and I go to 'My fighters' then click on a fighter to look at their gear, all four gear slot boxes are completely blank. When I click the box nothing h
I need your help! - Questions for the June 25 StreamDoes a weapon or item become account bound after it has been equipped, or can any weapon or item be sold in the market at any time? Can the commander/hero class equip any weapon, armor,
Income for Spellbook (from Dire)Hi there, first I just want to say that Heroes of Dire looks rad and I seriously can't wait to get my hands on it. I haven't anticipated the release of a game this much in a really long ti