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Alliance and corp sizesI think a wild card that we are not accounting for yet is the impact on one client fleet control. Right now Sucessful CP comes from 20 stack of ships. On occasion co comes from less. I
More stuffs added to leaderbroadDon't include hours played, that may cause mass depression. lol
Beta version on TiBxI was going to ask what Trilo was kinda indicating. Is the ability to multi box that you speak of the one device multi box?
Remove Alliance and Add Factionif factions play a larger roll they may not.
Remove Alliance and Add FactionYet the cap question still remains
Remove Alliance and Add FactionThe nice thing is you can add more if you feel that it was needed. I feel like 4 is best. Wyrd Faction, Het Faction Pirate Faction and Privateer Faction go consistent with the game and any
Remove Alliance and Add FactionAnother way to address it is to simply make the Scout see 5 sectors and it reveals allys and any not stealth enemies. May be a nice thing to do with scout now that the world we play in is
Remove Alliance and Add FactionMith I didnt think bd was going to matter in expansion, however, it would mean that something could be sold to gain whatever that new currency ends up being. I think this has huge po
Remove Alliance and Add FactionHere is a thought regarding faction spying... What if Faction vision was simply reduced to 5 sectors around your ship like scanners. You could only see other faction members with in a s
Remove Alliance and Add FactionPrivateer faction is genius! Noobs will automatically have others to play with as they find their way in the world! Even if a player is not in a corp he will always be in the privateer fa
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerWaves magic fingers....What if... Passive stats kept going even after you choose to opt back down. I would think that having a lvl 1 with lvl 100 passive stats would be nice. I would no
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerThey old "they have to tough it out" line is sad really. Just because I have weathered the "grind" does not mean I share the "tough love" theory. Any successful game is about accessibi
Alliance and corp sizesMore than 2 factions! Great. Can each faction have a perk specific to them? How do you deal with Super Clusters? Never have more than a 4 deep cluster map.
Multiple ships for use from 1 account/deviceI tried going back through the forums to find details on this in the expansion. Has there been any specifics given to this? I am pretty sure I read somewhere that this was going to be pos
Alliance and corp sizesIt is pretty clear this will be a hot topic to the dying end. 2 alliances in the whole server seems to go against how the core of the game was conceived. The politics, social aspect