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Please all read..How about a server with a sector cap of 6 ships. Something extremely low to keep MB players from dominating because they can run 10 ships. 6 ship cap would be amusing for quite a while.
PvP LoggingI was told they couldnt tell if you dc or actually log out or just hit the home button or switch to a different screen or dc due to phone call...it all looks the same to them
Daily AchievementsActually as far as daily acheivements and log in rewards...ozy did not agree in the original thread. He said you should want to log in and play every day because you like the game and sho
Scouts On RonThe reason ulti scout can see ulti stealth is because of TIB...ulti stealth makes you invisible and thus making all other engines worthless as far as pvp goes. Without the :show command y
xxx gearXXX gear would make me happy tho
xxx gearI farm uni 9 with 7 ships...they almost all have decent splash (40 ) and i bring a tech just incase i hit an invasion...its not too bad up there as long as they dont get seperated for too
Technician and stunTechs are great if you use them properly...high evasion and stun resist will help keep your tech ship functioning but your heal % will have to take a big cut to acheive it...making it kind
Pvp bonus weekends opposite double xp weekends.I dont know about any on ron being a "pvp community" since im just a lowly farmer. All i know is i pvp when im bored of farming because there is farming and then there is pvp...NOTHING E
Invasions spawning in your sectorIt doesnt spawn on top of you in your sector...it spawns in a sector next to you but doesnt show on the map until it moves...which would be when it moves into your sector...the invasion sh
PvP LoggingIf logging out on purpose is an acceptable part of the game...then i expect not to see any qq about some1 with their own fleet killing you before your ship can fully log out...because that
PvP LoggingI was told its impossible for them to tell the difference from an actual dc and some1 doing it on purpose
Update server messageCan you please either change or delete the server message about how its our job to bring in new players We did what we could when devs did their part by paying attention to the game but yo
New ship/specialIts not that i dont like em...ozy himself said they were left out of ron because he didnt like them
Another quick fixIts been months of 2x xp and cred sales and the manority of active players are bored yet again. There is still a decreasing number of loyal players and and ever diminishing number of new