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A few thoughts on spaceportsTrue, and that doesn't nessesary have to be a bad thing.
A few thoughts on spaceportsI find it difficult to call a random jumping sp a strategy.
Item Theft & DestructionI'm fine with the idea.
Expansion: Ships & LevelsSir, I was wondering how this reflects to shared accounts. Yes I know it's not allowed but I'm sure there are many who do just that. Any thoughts on how to handle those? For the rest, ide
A Survey about the TIB Expansion!Allrighty, ty for the stream Spellbook, it was nice to hear some insides of the plans. One question I do have after hearing all this is that the expansion could devide the player base as "
Sale of dead accounts gearPersonally I believe it's in the game interest when there is a way to remove gear from the game. Low rarity we deconstruct only way high rarity leaves the game is when players quit and don
The Infinite Black Expansion!I'm sleeping during the live chat however I am excited about the news, ty!
Transfers between serversNo, please no. Please never ever transfer drama's again!
special events threadHmm, it seems it bothers you more you don't get rolled then us, weird.
special events threadYou asked a question, I answered. It's not my fault you don't like the answer.
special events threadThe removal of carrier tanks.
special events threadIt's announced on the Spellbook Facebook page, like the page and always be up to date!
My Review of TiBNice review, seems like not much have changed through the years. Fortunally the good people still outnumber the douchebags!
Why carrier busters are cancer-True, but let's all not forget it came to it because defense pops just everything else if not perma stunned. I was among the first to bust in a carrier with tank back in hs, this was b
Why carrier busters are cancer-Without reading this whole thread it comes down at two things: 1. Defense got so over powered that the only way to bust is high level/geared carrier tanks. Everything else will be annih