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Thread: How to increase HoD's player-base and income.I'd love more variety than armor/ wep config to come into play
Thoughts so far, and improvements to the gameTo me the item level restriction seems like a gate, because its costly to gear extra squads and horde diff lvl sets
Thoughts so far, and improvements to the gameI'd really love to see gear scaling :)))
MonetizationSpotocum The Risen
Thread: How to increase HoD's player-base and income.I've stopped playing simply because the grind DOES feel unrewarding. Though I can offer little in the way of solutions
Archer / Mage Leader, DeityPerhaps group play(non PvP) should give a stat boost. Give emphasis on teaming up to take down tough leaders/deities.
Guild raids.This seems awesome. Can't wait to test it out. Hope lots are online tonight :)
Guild raids.a little fire between guilds can be a good thing though right?
Limited Item SaleI think a week on all items would be a good thing. It would encourage a more active role by the player.
Guild raids.√^^ That sounds super cool. Would give more use to hunting her tier squads.
Guild raids.I'm still rather new to raiding, only participated in 2 so far. What I like and dislike the most about it is how undefined winning and losing even is. For example, you hold a force back by
Permanent Group SettingsJeeze I've got 18 I use and this would be lovely
scraping gear for resources for craftingThe current demand for resources has made them very valuable, even if everyone could make 1-2 resources from scrapping an item the price wouldn't drop much I feel. But now each item would
Destroying Resources In Guild HallI'd really love to see some tiny nodes that stay out of guild halls. Like 1-5 harvests worth
Leader/Deity dropsSome leaders are much easier than others Ive found. I don't like idea of item sets in particular, but if gear they dropped added their name to love that.