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Movie FansHey guys, If you love movies, comic books, space, podcasts, and comedy head over to our friends at Spoilercast by All Tower Media. Spoliercast is a bi-weekly podcast I help out with, an
Spellbook News FansHey guys, since some of you have been asking for it we are working on bringing back Spellbook news in some fashion. Deus, Mythra, and I are working on some ideas for the show. Right now we
Bring back Spellbook News!That is something we are considering. Not sure what style Spellbook news will make a return, but rest assured that it will soon.
Happy ThanksgivingHey Spellcast fans, the crew of Spellcast will be taking a break from recording this week. We will be stuffing our faces with turkey and dressing and all the other fixings. We hope you hav
Spellcast Episode:1 - D.A. RobertsHey guys, Just wanted to let you know the Spellcast crew just wrapped up our latest episode with D.A. Roberts. today we discussed his latest book, The Lost Legion: Perdition's Flames. W
The Infinite Black - Debut NovelReginee, The book is available in kindle format if that is an option for you.
Spellcast ChangesHey guys, I know I have not been as active in these forums lately. Here is why. We have been playing with the format of our podcasts and shows and have come up with this new schedule. Sp
Upcoming SpellcastsHey guys, We are postponing this weeks episode of Spellcast. Just to let you know what is going on in the ol' studio, Dire is coming along nicely and I really want to show it off. Howev
Back from PhillyHey all, It's been a great weekend in Philly with Deus and Gaterpig. Lots of stories and things to tell you about. Unfortunately you will have to wait an extra day. Tomorrow, Friday the 1
Portrait Studio Contest III: EasterBreak out the pastels, the portrait studio theme is Easter this time. Who can come up with the brightest portrait in the universe?
REPORTSThanks for the info and update Hell5150. Keep those updates coming.
New Highlight VideoHey guys, just published the first highlight video from the stream. You can find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOSc9amdL8w&feature=youtu.be Check it out. And thanks again to lad
Trivia TimeHere is how tonight's trivia will work. *Three random viewers from Spellbook.tv will be selected. *Vanderhoof, Deus Morti and our special guest will be playing for these 3. Who
Diremonkey Twitch GameGood idea Hell5150, Ill run this by the powers that be and see what happens.
Trivia TimeHey Guys, Gonna have a little fun during tomorrows live stream. I will be joined in the studio tomorrow by Vanderhoof and Deus Morti as well as a special surprise guest. These contest