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New Multiwindow ApksJust changed phones to the galaxy s7. Using the og android apps I've always used. I don't know if it's an issue with my phone settings or not, but I'm encountering a new problem. Load up
Leads assign :leadvision ?I like it. I've never been fond of the temp promo for vision tactic that is currently used. Puts too much at risk.
Assassin engine noiseTIB has sound? Mind blown!
Cp sinks and credit sinkSounds like you run the Trump campaign!
tradeHaha! Do you understand the difference in a bug and a known mechanic? Game be a ghost town if he kicked everyone who's tried to trade in combat. You realize it's our JOB to use every mecha
Been 4 plus yearI got mine... And yours.
Gaia-V on goldThen you're back in a situation where alliance events don't happen unless said carriers happen to be online. It's very limiting. But I don't play that server, so it's whatever. Just sh
Deflector SpecialThat's a fair point.
Nullify Ship StatsSee, now that's a good idea Jonny. The desired benefit has an equal or greater counter effect. I could get behind that suggestion. Would never use it myself, but would feel it's a fair
leaderboards not populating item sales histories nor who wears them.
Deflector SpecialOh, you were perfectly understood. Just disagreed with. And didn't say Deflector was overpowered, just that it is already well balanced. It completely nullifies another special and turn
Deflector SpecialHow is the Deflector an under used special? It serves a specific purpose and does so flawlessly, countering tractor beam. Plus returning damage to enemy is an added bonus. These are pre
Nullify Ship StatsJust no. You have the choice of gear. Want no splash? Don't use that hull. Giving up the extra grapple chance is a thing called balance. Gear yourself appropriately for your desired t
W1A/W2AThere sure seems to be a lot of "Change this piece of equipment to best suit my gearset" going around. You're playing with the same gear options the rest of us are, who's fault is it if y
tradeWhy would you ban someone for using a mechanic to their advantage that is and has been open to anyone in the game. I personally don't use it, and have been fortunate to not been hit by it