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TIB-X Map Contest #15 (Ends December 1)
TIB-X Map Creation Contest #13 (ends Monday November 27th)
Your Sector Identification on UnityIt's difficult, on unity, to identify which sector you are in when several other teammates are in surrounding sectors and you have a course plotted. If the color of the sector you're in w
Nullify Ship StatsThis would take away alot of the strategy about gearing wisely for the occasion. Also the strategy to use your credits wisely to gear yourself. This would make the game easier and takes aw
The Infinite Black Unity Client v1.5The color scheme on unity needs improvement. 1. Being able to see different types of ships quickly, like carriers and non carriers is difficult. 2. Your ship's map position needs to be a
Garrison research bonus.sounds good 1
4th of July TF Bonus EventSounds like a worthwhile event. 1
Holiday Book Drawing!MERRY CHRISTMAS TIB!!!!!
Overload EP removed my HarvesterThe same thing is happening to me. Have to be careful and remove gun now before changing plus 1 ep specials.
Loggin hangs unity 1.0I've been having intermittent problems with my wifi so that would have been it. Just weird it didn't effect the old client during that time.
Loggin hangs unity 1.0My last log in on unity was 1/31. Tried logging in today with my second screen name and it hung saying logging in. I hit escape and noticed that it updated my ship info (level, ship and c
When die in riftI was sent to earth from the rift but the screen show rift blue. I see earth and sp in columns but view shows rift. I needed to change the view back to normal space to see my ship on the m
Initiated move by changing screen sizeI was sitting on garry surrounded by invasion. I just logged into new unity 1.0 client. I tried to change screen size by pinching the screen and i moved into invasion. I must have set a co