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Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?I cant even farm uni3 without backup anymore. U say its the same but I am telling u NO WAY is it the same. Uni4 used to be cake and now its quite difficult with two ships. Solo would be im
Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?Well something has certainly changed since Saturday. I cannot survive Uni4 which was a normal farming ground. All this while augging my gear to more hull and more powerful gun. Shoot eve
Easter Eggs, Daily Drops, Random StuffThanks! Hope Spellbook feels the same...
Weekly Leg and Higher Drop ListBadass thanks Ozy!
Just busted a Uni5 Elite Pirate Invasion ZERO dropsRemember how we've been saying invasions suck here? Well we finally popped at uni5 with an elite stronghold and the kill shot was made with a precursor alien hunter. ZERO drops. Not eve
Weekly Leg and Higher Drop ListHi I was just wondering. You can create top ten lists for things like HC Awards. How about a 10 ten weekly or daily drop award list? I haven't seen anything over a leg drop in quite a w
Is it just me or did things get a lot harder over the weekend?I am a regular soloist of uni4 up until Saturday it seems. Since then it's been darn near impossible to solo. Did you guys tweak the system?
Easter Eggs, Daily Drops, Random StuffOne of the greatest draws of the game in the early days were the little easter eggs at starports. Random drops. And finding a bd sitting there after an invasion. I LOVED that part of th
Collisions on own clusterOk well I guess we will go garry busting all day and watch corps kill them selves trying to organized their defenses. Seems to be a logical and simple way to ruin an enemy faction as they
Collisions on own clusterit can be fixed with sector cap like there is in TIB. you get kicked out if full. Why the need for a change?
Collisions on own clusterOk so here's the scenario. A enemy faction is about to attack, we call all ships to defend garrisons and every single member cjs' to planet. We have to sit there and take damage while tr
Collisions on own clusterWe all cjd today. It created a collision dmg on our own people on our own planet and garries. This is a bug that needs to be worked out I'm assuming. Also, non HC players are able to sit
what to do now with RONYeah thanks. Im still puzzled as to why it was a RON only and didnt happen with TIB but I dont think we will ever know that answer. I played this morning for about an hour with no dcd issu
what to do now with RONOk 2nd update. I finally figured out the problem I hope. Yesterday I rewired all the coax cabling from the back of the modem, under the house, put new splitters on, and even ran a new cabl
My SuggestionThanks for listening. One other thought, or maybe you already have one. Spellbook youtube channel??