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Make tib great again!Was thinking something like a double damage weekend would be cool. Would make bust, pvp and pve really interesting
Make tib great again!Hi guys. I really enjoy tib, so much that I seriosly doubt I'll enjoy tibx as much. Which is funny to say and then follow up by suggesting changes. Tbh, I'm afraid for the release of tibx.
Gold server to expansionIf I understand correctly, after duplication there will be no synchronization. What you do in the old tib will not affect the new and vice versa.
Gold server to expansionBeing that ozy said they will almost literally be copying and pasting, that should mean all the servers will remain as they are, accounts as they are and so on
The Infinite Black Expansion!I see what West is saying. Sometimes I feel a fresh start over, under the right pretenses, would be the best way to go. Knock everyone down to level 35, scrap all gear and compensate with
The Infinite Black Expansion!This is awesome!
KILL OG CLIENTSYeah I would say probably 50% of new players that I talk to initially download the old client without knowing and I always recommend switching to new, and they do. Virtually everyone I've
The dreaded RiftAn event where all rift npcs are dreads with double xp. Just a thought :-) or maybe a bonus for using the smaller ships
Alt tradesI miss being able to spam trades :-( I know it tended to be frowned upon but I looked at it as a fun tactic that was easily preventable
Carrier on Gold Server?There's just no need for carriers on gold. PVP is excellent and people are generally very happy. Virtually everyone who has played both unity and gold prefers gold. Even players who used t
Transfers between serversIt was tough to leave Unity because of all I had invested, so I can definitely understand wanting options. I still hope that one day I can bring over my anni and assassins. I feel like a
Keep gold carrier freeIt's tough to sum up what it's like not having carriers, you really have to experience it for yourself.
Keep gold carrier freeIt's not a matter of whether they are popped or not, it's what they more or less dictate. For me its just more fun without them. Gdrive rescues getting stun locked, drivers having to deci
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportYou're going to die, but there are things you can do lessen your chances and increase your odds of survival. I won't go into it here but talk to your corporation or Alliance leaders about
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportI like that idea. Was thinking along the same lines of specials not being so cumbersome to swap around