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Holiday Book Drawing!Good Luck to all.
4-Second Move Speedello, Hope everyone is well and having a great game. I think all the changes are great and we should try them. Despite our resistance to change everything has been done to make our
Everything Is AwesomeMost... Im not complaining just saying abusive such a harsh word. Romancing the stone sounds a lot better. You know they say locks keep honest people honest. With server side restri
Everything Is AwesomeLOL love that last comment by Ozzy then thread Locked. LOL Ozzy has to be one of the best gamer and creators out there. He loves what he does and right or wrong nothing wrong with that. G
Multi-box shooting delaySo tempting, love all these post..
BD Drop SolutionAwesome Idea .. 1
Hide from allies. Spy issue popping its ugly mop up again. 1 Great Idea.. hide from all if you choose so.
Are Mines UnderpoweredLove waking up and checking whats NEW, sometimes you can have a good laugh. Good Post good responses... Thanks have a great day.
Sorry...Good Luck to you, the great thing about life is that it is always changing. Better or for worse you are never alone if your willing to talk.
Skulls...what are they going to be used for?We should Start up the Famous Ozzy Quotes Thread: Dude just has a way with words If your Alliance doesn't use Skulls appropriately, that's not a problem with the system -- It's a proble
Item Revamp: Part 2I would like to see the following changes: Specials: Scout: Should see non stealth a lil further and maybe a lil evade added Advanced Munitions: Higher Damage% and Hit% added Tank:
Alt namesMalum, Xiee, Morior, xEvilx, eviltech and nlo
Portraits Are Free!Thanks
The Infinite Black IS FunEveryone post, so I figured I post one..... TIB is fun, endless hours of PVE, PVP, being a Merchant or even the QQ. Pretty much play as you want and have a few laughs. Ever changing never