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Destroying Resources In Guild HallYes but for officer only. Don't want spy saboteurs.
Guild raid mechanicsOh lilbear, it won't be in halls... It'll be kill on sight.
Squads still get singled out and snipedSingling out single squads among several in the same sector among one player is supposed to be prevented, yet there is a loophole around this: if you attack an ally and they have less squa
Guild raid mechanicsLosing isn't what's causing this post. Killing the same people several times in a row and watching them come back within 5 minutes, continuing for 2 hours is. Which is why I vote for some
Guild raid mechanics"Raiding system cannot be perfect " doesn't mean we can't improve it. Perpetual guard engagement is infrequent during even long raids due to typical lack of online defendrs: you can't enga
Guild raid mechanicsGuild raids are the main source of pvp at the moment, but there are currently a few flaws in them: 1.) Attacker has atvantage because they have unlimited attempts to attack. If they lose t
pvp with npcsAgreed, need em in a fair location, otherwise it's an almost guaranteed match outcome.
A medium sized thing, and some smaller thingsAlternative facts
Pvp quest reworkCurrently pvp quests are add on to pve quests and require kills in a certain area. However, this does not encourage full blown pvp: to get the quest people will target noobs in the area f
PvP Single Squad SnipingThis would be good, motivation for large fights. Would like to see less 3v3, which is more of a mage contest.
4 defenders on guard, 3 were able to be attackedEngage all at once preferred so there's reason for large scale fights outside of pve.
Healer ai IQThere appear to be issues with healer ai, especially in pvp. While AI were adjusted to stop self healing when alone, they appear to pretend to be warriors when in pvp. They refuse to heal
Resource Distribution/DiscussionTbh gathering resources in a hall with others can get hectic, and it is only worth raiding small guilds for resources. Sitting and waiting for numbers to reach 100% to stake claim doesn't
Game Difficulty & Silver EarningLet minions be dumb. Let deities be insane. Challenge exists without the basic form of income beating you up.
Resource Harvesting & GuildsI do agree that the system is too complex. You need a lot of different things just to craft a common, and a ton of commons to craft an uncommon.