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Gaia-V on goldThis please. I think the game is more dynamic without carriers.
Ik im dreaming but heres my tib dream ...If there were 3-4 perks you could have as a Corp without deploying a garrison, I think small alliances would be more feasible. The problem is a small alliance starts out and just gets
Tech special
Tech specialIf you give XP for degrappling another player, within a week there will be tons of high level techs. Someone will write a program that just has two ships in the same sector... One with
Market HistoryThe 3% dura loss is about two months old.... As far as I know Item histories have not been updating since the merge... A reset wouldn't hurt anything. Of course that is just my opinion
Market HistoryAre the histories from 2014 relevant at this point? Many of the items have been changed so much since then that they are not even the same items. Are prices paid under a 10% durabi
Market HistoryWhen the sales histories for the items gets fixed, could you please have a seperate history for BOE items? Also for Unity server, I would suggest that the sales histories for items be res
Community designed mapNo need to panic. ~6 months could be as long as ~12 months. Time moves different for developers.
Grey in limboFree HD is a game changer. Makes the game much more palatable.
Grey in limboRead the writing on the wall. Ozzy gave gold server free HD. He is probably going to make more improvements to Gold only. He has made no bones about the fact that he is very irritate
TIBI come here for the personal attacks.
3% Durability Loss EventWhen I get killed in EVE, that is exactly what happens.
3% Durability Loss EventThis is ridiculous. I have not played more than a couple hours this year, so i really have no dog in this fight. The durability tweak just neutered the game. It would be a better move
concerns about universal auction houseYou have to count the transfer back fee when you buy on gray. Cause the return trip is never a full load.
concerns about universal auction houseWhat you guys do not realize is that the game is already functioning as an open market. One of the reasons there is very little premium gear in the RgB markets is that a ton of it gets