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battle speed up suggestionsOne idea is to have guarding cost some % of health, say 10%, after a certain point in the match. That won't prevent people from making 1 square moves as a form of guarding. However Ozy
A few ideasRaise Dead could have high cost like 20 energy and 50% health.
battle speed up suggestionsA lot of guarding happens around corners where a mage couldn't get an attack off without blinking right in front of the guarding opponent. In an older game I used to play with similar mech
Some general questionsShould a Paladin's weapon choices be limited to blunt weapons (hammers, maces, etc.) to follow the standard RPG lore? That also gives Warriors some uniqueness in that the classic Warrior c
All things silverMy thinking is if a guild has a few million credits, what's the incentive for new players to buy silvers? The guild could front new players 50k credits each (or whatever). That's why premi
All things silverCurrently buying silvers wouldn't benefit anywhere near the way it does in tib Yes, agreed, but the main concern I have with longevity of the game isn't how beneficial buying silver would
Apple Store silvers purchaseThe $74.99 option option for 100k silvers, charged me $79.99 ($5 more).
All things silverRelated question: will silvers scale as players level and cause a disincentive for long-time players to buy silvers? WIth TIB, bds as premium currency can scale separately from credits wi
Halt!, who goes there?To be able to heal fast enough, now you need a haste mage. Or buff healers. :)
Average JoeOzy - another option other games use is you can have different options when hiring a fighter. For example: Hire Fighter (800 silver): chance of R1-R4, with appropriate % chance of each
xfer premium currency between gamesA great way to encourage players to try other games is to offer a way to transfer premium currency between games, or if possible, use a single premium currency across all games (need to ac
Class stat rangesAre the stat ranges for different character classes available? Would be nice to know if I should invest in a re-roll or not while building a specific character. Also, are the stats just
killing my ownRelated, if AOE attacks are added, they shouldn't harm friendlies.
Dire promo for xmas?For those of us who missed the Kickstarter promo, but who also want to support this game, I was thinking some kind of xmas promo / game launch special would be a great idea. I'd spend $ to
Spaceball RewardsBecause I'm a Spaceball junkie, would love to see rewards points based on amount of total play. Say ever X bds played = Y rps.