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Garrison :STRIKE!
Keep gold carrier freeIt depends upon what direction Ozy wants to take gold server. Gold could retain carrier free status to differentiate it from unity (blob) server for the diversity that gives. or Gold
ROIDS ROIDS ROIDSLittle guys can nibble on roids in black. Even the end game payers if they want more in rift.
Carriers broke the game?There is always Gold server
BD value increasing, credit value decliningJust a thought that could have 2 options: 1. Ability to auction off bd's for credits like ah works for gear. 2. Ability to buy a limited quantity of bd's from spellbook using creds.
Future Gold Mergeyou might deny it for now but even the "Farmers against mergers" alliance peeps are having fun on the merged server.
Hardcore rewardsHC rewards are proportional to risk and I can't say the risk is very great when there is a HC hole burried deep inside a cluster. HC's should be for those who want to live on the edge,
No carriers in gold server?Gold server can grow just like any of the servers (except grey) from the beginning. The unique feature of gold is that it isn't full of high end gear/ships/garrisons/planets. PVE in
Unity Server Map DesignJust need to settle this map debate, thumb wrestle anyone?
Unity Server Map DesignSpecX, I'll kak you a copy of the map. Can you share it amongst HS. Maybe even encourage the fine HS warriors and farmers to study what they do and don't like then come back here with comm
Unity Server Map DesignLets be fair, The fact that Ozy is taking the time to consider this is amazing given that he is putting all resources into Heroes of Dire. The map is a text file, like join the dots, a
Unity Server Map DesignOzy, as for the map for black, I don't mind if it is the old red server map, or the black map from unity. The masses of cross linked sectors are great for farming.
Unity Server Map DesignRobby took the time to do something based upon his experience and desire for a challenge for everyone. The game has evolved directly from the actions and comments of the players. So quit w
huge lagg during fleet battlesMithraeus summed it up perfectly
Unity Server Map DesignThings I'd like to see are: More dead ends - adds interest More choke points halfway between grey/rift blue and border - adds danger