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Alien hunter special(Spoiler)
concerns about universal auction houseI would like to see both currencies be able to be posted. For instance.. I have an Ultimate item but plenty of credits... so I post it for BDs ONLY.
concerns about universal auction housewhat happens to current items in AH, will they be removed and cost of posting refunded?
Doom And Gloom.Ozy seen his shadow and went back into seclusion
names visible on map during gbThis sounds new. is it ment to deter the busting of garrisons?
Collisions on own clusterBecause this is not TIB
still having freeze issueskeep in mind we just had major solor activity. this will mess with communications for a few days
Scouts and Stealthsi didn't have stealth on the second time...thats why you could follow
new ship ideasdrones were not added due to the lag they create. as much as i like your idea, when fleets get together this would cause people to lag out.
Crash Freezewifi is better signal then 4g, both should be on wifi imo. if still having issues, I would reccommend uninstalling Ron and reinstalling.
More bank spaceyes but the return is well more then that. more drops more things scrapped i myself have 120 space and in 30 mins farming with prec AH, i scrap about 12 items, keep some edit: al
Item Level Rewards - Now Livesweet How do players past a certian level receive these rewards now that this is active
Returning suggestion: Factionsbe kinda cool to break the game into 2 sides like that. upon character creation you choose human or alien. alien starts small and works their way up to dread seed or hive.
Silence option in corpcall it officer lock, action can be done by leader or officer. be cool if there was a time choice by leader in which the chat is locked for a duration of say 5 mins as an example only
Wiki FocusThe special items are not showing any info. reason why i was looking the deflector special should it protect from garrison stuns? *edit found answer* a garrison cannot be stunned