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Item Theft & DestructionIt definitely affects new players more than veteran players, but I've definitely seen a particular player lose ulti CPU's and drills before, and it's pretty funny lol.
[Thoughts] Multibox Fleets W/ One ClientThat's perfect. Cut down on the hogging of server resources, allow everyone to have access to multiboxing if they choose to do so, but still make sure it's still a challenge to do so. Hope
[Thoughts] Multibox Fleets W/ One ClientJust wanted to leave my thoughts here on the Stretch Goal for 'Multibox Fleets with One Client' and have a discussion about what this could potentially mean for the game, if this goal is m
Expansion crazy
Idea for HDSeems like a good idea to me
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportI don't think it's a good idea to take a ship you can get within the first hour of playing the game, and make it on par or more powerful than a ship that takes some people years to get.
An idea for making small ships viable to use in pvp- SupportThis ^^ Only thing this would be good for, is getting a handful of folks to buy more BDs for a week or so until they've got their PVP setup, but I still feel majority will use what they
My Ideas For New TIB ContentIt's true, the prominent 'smaller' alliances have a backbone of long-playing veterans. Not everyone enjoys the big alliances, but the majority do. If that wasn't the case, players would be
My Ideas For New TIB ContentI also believe all the ideas are really, really. great, minus the merge. I've wrote about this before, but give players options. If somebody is having a really bad experience in one corp,
I don't know if this is possible, but it would be cool.I'm with Mith, I highly doubt I'd play a 'TiB 2' unless I'm able to keep the gear and ships I've worked on for years. Getting people to give all that progress up will be the true challenge
Has BOE items drop rate decreased?Hav0k I've been thinking the same thing. I do nearly nothing but rifties, and barely have received any. I just assumed it was a decreased rate after a certain level or gear score. Fleet is
Transfers between serversI'm not sure where I stand between transferring between Gold and Unity, but I do believe that there should be options. This could possibly mean a new server down the road that is equivalen
My Review of TiBMost corps seem to be very cautious on who they invite, especially when you have a brand new ship that has only played less than 20 or so hours. I know spying is part of the game, it makes
A special event isnt special anymorePeople bitch when you don't give them anything, they bitch when you give them everything. Moral of the story, people will bitch no matter what. Do what you want to do Ozy. We'll still b
Leads assign :leadvision ?Not sure who would downvote this. It's an excellent idea!