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PvPYup, fair points Voro. Whatever the reason, PvP is rare, and PvP outside of guild halls extremely rare. The population density is low (because the world is so huge), its pretty rare for me
Guild raids.I agree guild-raiding needs some work. Like Vorolea I think its a bit odd that one person can trash a guild solo. At the moment there are a handful of people or less who can stop a serious
Destroying Resources In Guild HallThis has come up several times on the forums, the first time months ago. I strongly support the idea of some immobile nodes, and not just tiny ones.
Feedback - First Impressions (8hr)All good ideas, 1
PvP (reprise)Yeah, its interesting (we posted at the same time I think) but arena doesn't really get me going. I want strategy, territory, war!
PvP (reprise)Has enough time passed that I can raise the issue again that PvP is scarce and there is almost no reason to do it? The map is so large compared to the population that outside of the centr
In regards to the Hardcore Transmution!I think Svander has a valid point too, to be honest.
Squads still get singled out and snipedFollowing on from this, can we get the precise rules for PvP and guild engagements written out somewhere? I thought I understood them from previous discussions on this forum, but recent ad
PvP and non PvP a delicate balance.A bit more, but still not much. Maybe the mooted skulls (stem cell resources) will help.
A medium sized thing, and some smaller things"Dark Elves get Magic, Aim, and Evasion. Someone didn't put the right info on the wiki. It is all implemented correctly." Worthy of Sean Spicer! Anyway, thanks Ozy. Some people i
pvp with npcsI second this. Maybe also consider special maps / a subset of exisitng maps to be used in 3v3s.
A medium sized thing, and some smaller thingsThanks Ozy, it wasn't to know what the bonuses are, it would be to check they are being implemented ;) Can you confirm dark elves are getting luck? Thanks rearrow, very useful
Pvp quest rework100% agree. I don't want to gank someone, but when its the only thing remaining after a deity, two leads, 22 officers and 18 million minions have been killed by guild... Separate PvP-st
A medium sized thing, and some smaller thingsStill loving this game, gj. A medium-sized thing: I understand via word of mouth that in hall engagements, if I now come with 2 (or 3, or 4?) squads the defenders now have to engage me w
Common CraftingSo I can now craft uncommon items and what I learned (I don't think this is on wiki anywhere?) is that crafting uncommon gives same 1 skills benefits as crafting uncommon. So I thought, a