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Encourage activity?heres my advice,help your allies pvp us so we wouldnt have to roll ya and actually attempt to pvp not just say go in for 3 rounds and GF that provokes rolls more often stop running, you
having BR back to backI feel like BR should be back to back again since the flow of CP is kinda crappy, Murder inc doesnt want to deploy because they dont got good enough players, they refuse to fleet us due to
The Mikadeth BR experiece!!The should be a weekend version of br where we are all lvl 500 with termys and only leg gear with a big bd pool and a big entrance fee (obviously). someone of us probably wont ever reach
Dread rift eventIn rift their should be like 2 dread npc (random and doesnt have to be the type or class) and every hour a new one spawns in they dont move or jump and they sit their till they die or till
Event updatei like the idea of a new event but something that also benefits new players, like boe chance in black for players that are new or up to lvl 50 and no double cp in black but in rift half th
Eventstheir should honestly not be events that last 1 month, people will feel like it should be an everyday thing and will try to force mods to keep it that way permanently. I like the idea that
PVE week/weekend eventsee lack of players on the game atm and some are trying their best to farm for those bds that are hard to get now a days, was wondering if there could be a possibility that you guys can do
InvasionsIve seen a lot of people just go around and pop seeds without conpleting the full invasion which ruins the point of them, you usually dont go busting without getting hunted so it seems lik