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Any Updates/progress on TibX.Yes, pls Ozy - keep us in the loop
Encourage activity?Today you are the ones with the numbers, so can rant sanctimoniously about the lack of apparent competition - probably made all the more salty by Murder not deploying. The point we agre
Encourage activity?Yea, I’ve got to say I agree. Some kind of mechanic to slow the relentless harvesting of CP (or at least make it more challenging for the busters) is a good idea
Welcome to the secret forums!Well, in fairness all we’re after is some news about the expansion - which is suffering from a slight, minor - almost insignificant delay.
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.So - dare I ask?
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Even if that statement isn’t good news, we just want to know the score... straight up, no spin.
Ozy, give me a reason to keep playing....Please Ozy... let’s have your quarterly update. This feels far from the engaged excited developer who was holding webinars about the new game. Throw us a bone!!
Unblock Kieran’s Ship Outfitter IPWith a cherry on top
Black marketHi Ozy, Just a note, I’ve seen now that “black market” BD sell for 20 USD per 1000. It has been stable at this level for well over a year. Official BD are around 55 USD per 1000 -
TIB-X NewsDo I hear that there’s been some progress? Would be good to feed us some news :)
One year onOzy - can we please have an update on the expansion For a laugh I typed in :KING into TIB and it says: Use 10,000 King Points to claim a Heteroclite King (Dec 2017) Made me chortle.
Event ideaMaybe award on the hour - only thing is the garri should have been deployed for a certain amount of time to qualify (eg 30 min).
Event ideaHey Ozy - just had a great idea for an event. A BOE special giveaway, to enter you must have a deployed garrison over rank V and under rank XVI. Items are given away at random intervals
Roid tweakThought it would be a nifty idea to give roids a 50% xp bonus if it’s inside an invasion at the time of harvesting.
ExpansionThanks for the reply Ozy... and it’s appreciated that you want the players involved. My personal thoughts are to liquidate the existing players progress (xp, gear, elites, etc). Use X