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UpdatesOzy, I can see you’re feeling the pressure and it’s not my intention to add to it. Like So3 said, we just need more information flowing our way - even if it’s a bit dull and techn
UpdatesHello Spellbook! I just typed :king and it made me laugh Obviously we’re well past the original expectation for a beta and all we’ve seen so far are some menu screens. Would love to
Have a good one TIB and SpellBookAnother great corpie sails into the deep, farewell my friend and maybe pay us a visit in a years time when the expansion is put into beta XD GG
ITS A FIX-! Mythra won a free random gift: ! Lololol
Are we allowed to pay to dieLol - bd for cp I dare say there’s cheaper ways to do it!!
The competitionHad this pointed out in a chat today: Looks like they’re trying to compete in a very similar s
The Heteroclite KingWait... a rank TWENTY PLUS planet??? Ughhhh I feel tf coming on
The Heteroclite KingI agree with other classss of emperor class ships. Also Limited Edition boxes can’t be made in game but everyone’s got one. I want these to remain exceptionally rare - if they ca
The Heteroclite KingJust wanted to say, at the price of a small car these Het King ships better be absolutely freaking amazing. Personally I think they should be exclusive to the kick starter and should no
Adverts and stuffThe monies raised are pretty puny... but it's free money right!
Adverts and stuffSo... I've been looking at how the mainstream games weave ads into games without them being obtrusive. I think there are ways to make a modest income from free-to-play community without an
The Heteroclite KingFor clairity there will be a hard limit of one emperor class ship per corp - a bit like planets and alliances now? As mentioned above... would this be a limit of two if you claimed a he
Remove Alliance and Add FactionI think some of the deployable elements of the corp should vary in their "fluidity" referring to Ozy's comments earlier. Perhaps Outposts are easy to bust and are quite fluid... but planet
HyperspaceHehe an actual practical use for reputation!!!
Remove Alliance and Add FactionThe problem of vision is the most difficult to overcome. Perhaps the answer is a simple list that a corp can maintain of those faction corps they share vision with and they have to mutuall