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Thehive hitsquad...saga!I'm gonna resurrect this old thread. Thought I'd share a continuation of the top spoof originally created by Immaculate. This is what happens when boredom hits...and you find a new app on
New mapA new map would be a quick and easy way to shake things up a bit, cause some fights for the best cluster spots, force some more mapping. P.S. Does anyone at Spellbook even read forum p
Labor Day Event?-_-
Labor Day Event?This weekend is a long one for a lot of folks in the US (sorry, other country brethren). Any chance of getting a new event? New map (even if just in black)? WAA scramble? Server wide shows
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...Ha! And you should play again...I see you log in checking on things. Holler at me when you're on. Oh, and... -_-
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...Also...doesn't benefit me much at the moment, but we haven't seen 2x skulls in a bit. Would be good incentive, I think. Maybe these alliances with thousands of skulls would spend more on t
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...It's not catering to low levels. It's adding something for them to do while you elite folks solo your riftys.
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...There's other things to bust besides XX garrisons, Xariol. Again, this isn't meant to be for just end game players, but for all.
Too Much QQ With This Current Event...As the title states, the current event with the 3x CP for garrison kills is causing a ruckus in the game. Normally this is a good thing, but in this case, all it is doing is creating a rea
Throw Us A BoneThanks for the new event!
Throw Us A BoneHowdy, TIB developer folks! I'd like to make a request for some things in order to shake up the current monotony of TIB: -New maps. We've had the same ones for some time now. I know you
4th of July eventI'd also like to see an event where there is some chance, however small, to loot some limited edition storages. Newer (or returning) players have little opportunity to have one of these no
Best quotes ever!I like this variation on "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime": "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a m
Memorial Day Weekend Event?It's gonna be a long weekend for a lot of us in the States--can we get a new event to get folks interested in logging in for it? Some things that might make it more fun and wouldn't break
:strike LYou forget, Xariol, that not all have the luxury of strikes. Gotta be deployed for that...and have a XII garrison. You assume all do. For once, I agree with Bash (aka Steelix, for th