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Event Update, Please!There's one account on the leaderboards with over 1 mil cp. Rest are either hoarding or inactive. And most are MURK alliance. There are other players besides MURK and BAMF in game. I know
Event Update, Please!While the 1% on death has been awesome, without double cp, most aren't taking advantage of it. As an incentive, can we add double cp in? I know the double xp in all invasions has been he
Thanks for fixing the leaderboards!-_-
Thanks for fixing the leaderboards!Good to see the leaderboards finally fixed! Now is there a chance to get 2020 stats? And what Xariol has done with feeds into discord has been pretty cool. Would be nice to add some of t
New idea: Earth 2Be a good way for newer guys to get colonist achievements, too.
Memorial Weekend EventThanks for the Memorial Weekend event! Was alot of fun and the mechanic changes made things interesting. Also enjoyed the more challenging invys, riftys. The npcs bested us quite a bit!
Memorial Weekend EventNext weekend is a long one for a lot of people state side. Was hoping we could get a new event that rewarded both the big and little guys, hunters and farmers alike. Also, if you're doing
Thanks for Whatever You Did to Balance the Game Last WeekendHello Spellbook! I'm not sure if you still read the forums or not, but I did want to throw a quick shout of "Thanks!" your way. For what, you ask? For the mysterious behind the scenes tec
Request For A BOE EventX2 in black would be nice not everyone can do rifties and atm it’s mostly scaredy-cats like alone and griz farming it. Most of those that can’t do rifties are just farming reg rift atm
2020 PVP Stats?Still holding onto hope for 2020's stats.
Request For A BOE EventHowdy, Spellbook folks! It's been a little while since we've had a boe event and we've gotten a fair number of new/returned players looking for gear that is not easy to find in game. Doin
Current No Show EventTouche, Em. Although maybe we should require all the dudes to start wearing flowers in their hair as part of the new uniform?
Current No Show EventManMan, your hair is out of corp code regulations. Gonna need you to muss it up.
Current No Show Event-_-
Current No Show EventI just noticed our avatars all have the same hairdos. Must be part of our corporation's dress code: "Hair must be messy and stick up straight at all times, as if you just rolled out of