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Memorial Day Weekend Event?It's gonna be a long weekend for a lot of us in the States--can we get a new event to get folks interested in logging in for it? Some things that might make it more fun and wouldn't break
:strike LYou forget, Xariol, that not all have the luxury of strikes. Gotta be deployed for that...and have a XII garrison. You assume all do. For once, I agree with Bash (aka Steelix, for th
2018 PVP Stats (Unity)And thank you, by the way!
2018 PVP Stats (Unity)Just curious on how I got labelled to Dave's Goat Farm when the rest of my Corp was labelled to theHIVE and I was in venom with them. Guess I get to solo represent the Goats!!
Shake upRepair event would be good. Surprise game modifications on the back end would be interesting. A new "Special Event" would be nice. It's been pinatas since Thanksgiving. While w
annual pvp statsStill no stats for 2018?!? I need to make fun of those who died the most! I guess I could make my own 2018 stats list. Full disclosure: these stats are based on no factual data. Most Ki
annual pvp statsBumping this up. Statistic nerds wanna know!
New TOPICI hate it when folks jet mets in an invy/rifty. If you do that in mine, I yell at you. Does no one any good if you get jumped and all your mets are at your feet. Plus, encourages folks to
EventsDear Moderators, Please provide an event where boe drops are possible so that I may find a boe Viper and sell it to Bash (aka Steelix) at a ridiculous price so that the community no lon
Repair EventThanks for the repair event, much appreciated! Hurpy Burpy Ozy!
Repair EventIf the current event that is up is gonna keep going for weeks more, can we please have a 100% repair on Monday? I have never requested one before and, as the lead of a small alliance who i
My Thoughts on SchoolyardHahaha...dynasty an underdog alliance? Thanks for the chuckle.
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpWow, my phone messed that up.
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpPlease stop with the HS is the only alliance that supports this. The server is HS vs Dynasty. Venom is and always will be by themselves and for themselves and should have no part of this c
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpSamson, you obviously don't understand why I play. It sure as hell isn't for cp power. And frankly, I get along with those that matter.