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The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]Awesome, thanks so much for this - epic creation! Worked exactly as expected.
Any interest in a TiB Unity multibox script?BKid. I'm with you. Great idea. Cheat scripting sucks, but this would make it so I could start mb ing in a fraction of the time it takes to manually open 6 and resize etc. Anyone say
No Network Connectionguess i'm screwed logged me out after 15 mins, although in hindsight that was probably inactivity, either way i cant connect again so going to go to a shop tomorrow and throw a few choi
No Network ConnectionI fear you may be right, I've just managed to connect, and I'm in exactly the same place as yesterday....exactly the same time. So bear with me on this. I get the connected! and MOTD
No Network ConnectionIs there any tech info you can provide that will help my phone call with them tonight? Ip address for example and anything else that might be blocked by them. Worth mentioning the initi
No Network ConnectionFurther issues - seems it's an intermittent problem, or a time based bandwidth type block maybe? I believe the problem is with o2 rather than anything to do with you guys, but i'm going
No Network ConnectionOk right you were - it appears to just be working fine now.... Sorry to waste your time - on the plus side I took your advice and got Nova Launcher - which is awesome, so cheers :)
No Network ConnectionI wish it was as simple as that, but all the way home (train known to have some good and weak spots) and now at home in a known working area still the same problem. It connects and give
No Network ConnectionHi there, A few people have already mentioned this problem, but I couldn't see that it was ever answered. I have just got a new phone and am having trouble connecting. Note 4, Android 4