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Damage Balance TweaksRest Heal % should be increased too now that weapon damage has gone up. I hope Ozy read this
+dmg does not speed up pvpchoke points are the key. in a 12 v 12 with 2-3 chokepoints, it's so boring. I said in guild chat if Ozy introduce warriors who can leap over obstacles, I'd field half my team with them. A
Guild TerritoryI highly second Pyrate's opinion of the tiles lasting longer, perhaps 2 days at least. While I am delighted at the prospect of more resources, capturing tiles feel pretty tedious.
Skulls!I have some suggestions regarding skulls. Feel free to critique! 1. Remove harvestable skulls. Skulls is a pvp "drop", by making it harvestable it slightly cheapens the value of it. Unles
Guild PvP ChangesPerhaps make all GH fights 9v9 instead of 12v12. Some maps have those chokeholes that just takes too long in a 12v12. I remembered a fight I had vs Mid in one of those maps. Although h
Guild PvP Changes- PvP Death: Item Max Condition loss chance is 50% (was 100%) - PvP Death: Item Max Condition loss chance is 10% in Guild Halls Im my opinion, these changes are not healthy for the g
Enchantment relics or rooms for guild hallWhat about making those relics temporary i.e. disappears after 8 hours in the relic room, powerful but temporary
Saved SetsHi Ozy, any plans to make saved sets as players like me, prefer to use 12 of the same fighters for almost everything, quests ranging from level 8 to 20. It would be great if I could for ex
Territory EdgesDoes that mean that if all the tiles are captured, there are no edges?
Territory EdgesOk. thanks for that clarification
Territory EdgesPerhaps provide a visual cue on this? On some maps I have spent 15 minutes walking around but I cant find it.
Fair play for Player Controlna, we QQ about them controlling each other. Teaming up is part of the game.
Map switch when followingI have Squad A following Squad B. When I switch maps, the game will auto select Squad A for me instead of Squad B. I think a QOL improvement will be to select the squad that is leading eve
Fair play for Player ControlOzy maybe you are not understanding us. Already when we raid, Kish sends their squads to Krazy GH to intercept us. On offense, they come together to raid us. NO Problem with that, that'
Fair play for Player ControlNo Ozy of course I prefer to fight human players but attacking while the enemy is weak is a strategy, dont you agree? I also agree with Gmonk on his points. If you want a 'friend' to de