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Free showHuP!
Free showOne show a day......only if was a server wide show. That would be fun.
QQ? About Free HD!?!? Wtf. Stop.Yes I did QQ abiut the hd situation.
HD [Week is nearly over]Very cool.
HD [Week is nearly over]Ok, ill QQ. Now that hd is free I have an issue. Every time I jump it says 29,672 (or there about) hyperdrive left. How do you expect me to live with This un round number wagging its fing
Free showAbuse it all day. As I said it would make things more interesting. It may even give more casual players a chance to actually find some one to shoot. Especially those who can only play for
Free showJust a quick thought to throw out there. I know ill hear how bad of an idea it is. But hey, I still want to hear other thoughts. one free show per day. I think it would really pump up pvp.
Promotional Email.. Opinions?Found IT, .....in my spam folder. It said something about the e-mail was similar to one found in my spam folder before. Which is weird because nothing goes to my spam folder on that gmail
The Infinite Black - v1.4.8Just wanted ro say thank you guys for the gift. CONGRATS on the kickstarter!
Critter Catch 1.1.0 Live Release - AndroidOk I feel late to the party but here we go. I was playing and my son wanted to try. He played without any direction from me for about 15 minutes. He asked if I could stop the cat
Spellcast ChangesWow, I deal with rl and you guys flip the script. ...lol. cant wait to see how It all plays out....good luck
Spellcast Live: 8-Bit ChildhoodIt was a good episode..thanks guys
Lost time on skull powerups from server downtimeYes, yes it does.
New Highlight VideoWe need more high lights.
A moment of considerationFirst, im not choosing sides on this thread. Second VH please tell me you took your "food for thought," with a grain of salt.