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Low lvl garrisons among high lvl garrisonsNanos are strategically placed assets to buy time For defense... Sure your demand works when there is something like cluster attack countdown timer i.e. you can attack a cluster only af
Garrison Balance SuggestionVery good ideas...But Sorry to break it to you, but we're on our own here. It's pointless if mods dont ask for player solutions for this.. they more onto working with tibx..
Nerf novas?So that will put an end to tanks gbing without nerfing anything right.? It should be dps all the way and 10 dps can very well take down an xx, most elite busters have 90-100dps, which very
Nerf novas?The balance has gone beyond restoration. Dont nerf any gear as it will only cause mass outrage. **Cap nova usage to 5 per garrison. **Buster cap reduced to 10. **Defender cap reduced to
Unannounced Repair EventsHmmm... So only Hive got theirs repaired huh... What a load of bs you puttin forth dude.
Nerf novas?They were already nerfed once, anyway it depends on what kind of nerf you want to implement. But remember the consequences if it degrades too low, then everyone has to adapt without clust
Stop the 100% Repairs!.. atleast on nova's!Right... If this happens, Restore the novas to its past glory... Make it obliterate instead of cripple, heck even cap nova usage to 6 per garrison, that would be the real balance.
teaserPpl are afraid of new things.. All they do is qq qq and qq.
The game stateGame's not dead, its just got stale.
Need more Credit Sink.Now this makes sense. Why ppl don't part with them is becoz there's nothing much to gain from stocking up creds unless u want to buy a carrier or terraform your stuff. So we just try to
Need more Credit Sink.That might be the truth TheMightyL. But even then after it arrives finally, if ppl like this guy play forum daddy on each and everything that comes up with irrelevant and wrong bacon, the
Need more Credit Sink.If a currency is devalued, things will get expensive and not cheap as you say... that's basic economy, maybe you have your own version of economics that states the opposite... And who's cl
Need more Credit Sink.Dude.... Ppl buy more bds when credits become more valuable too. I try to talk about the falling economy of the game and you start shooting down with your regular ranting of gb imbalance
Need more Credit Sink.As the title says.... Reasons... Cred value is getting low day by day given that most top end garrisons are xx and the server has nearly reached its carrier saturation point. Credits hav
The game stateYou should try it out and see for yourself if you wanna continue. There are new players coming in here n there. Expansion is something thats in the works, as far as we know, they have so