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Thanks for fixing the leaderboards!Carrier scout glitch needs urgent fixing please.:) Ty
event suggestionSorry to break it to you, truth is devs aren't capable of adding or modifying things to improve the state of game, even they themselves admitted its hard to do so. You could have seen alo
2020 PVP Stats?Hey, you can't blame him for that.. he was just testing the game.
Request For A BOE EventKudos... Now you sound like a clown.!
Repair Event, Please!^^ You see where they are getting at.? They want it made better to suit their needs instead of working it out like the other side does, but nah.. we can't do what they did.? let us complai
Repair Event, Please!Ohh you want the game to live now.? Then start asking your people to stop creating fake evidences to get others banned and stop complaining everytime when you get outwitted. Its funny to s
Small Updates? Maybe?Well... the game dev is out of service atm with other projects and has mentioned already that it isn't easy to add or modify game code due to the way it was written. So things are going
Repair Event, Please!Don't be dumb.. what you just said doesn't sound like satisfying all parties You sound like to alienate a section of a community because someone from bamf said so. What makes you think he
Repair Event, Please!Are you a dev.? I'm sure they said wouldn't involve themselves or align to tib politics. So.... make up your mind if you want repairs or not, or they reject your request outright.
New skull itemsThese wall of text of ideas and counter ideas is worth nothing, they dgaf.. Save yourselves of the time spent here.
New skull itemsAdd more maps...YES Nerf specials to become farmer friendly... NO Remove or costup shows... NO The more you make the game farmer friendly the more they tend to bot with a free run, th
Low lvl garrisons among high lvl garrisonsNanos are strategically placed assets to buy time For defense... Sure your demand works when there is something like cluster attack countdown timer i.e. you can attack a cluster only af
Garrison Balance SuggestionVery good ideas...But Sorry to break it to you, but we're on our own here. It's pointless if mods dont ask for player solutions for this.. they more onto working with tibx..
Nerf novas?So that will put an end to tanks gbing without nerfing anything right.? It should be dps all the way and 10 dps can very well take down an xx, most elite busters have 90-100dps, which very
Nerf novas?The balance has gone beyond restoration. Dont nerf any gear as it will only cause mass outrage. **Cap nova usage to 5 per garrison. **Buster cap reduced to 10. **Defender cap reduced to