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Free to Play vs One Time Paidi dont think there was any mention of making tib a one time pay game. if i read it correctly ozy was making the other games in spell books collections a one time pay.
Kickstarter Progress Updateawesome news ozy. thank for all your time on this!
TIB-X Interface First Lookis there a possibility of having a mail system? this might have been in on of the KS that i missed, but i think it would be a nice feature. also a motd that can be set for different ran
TIB-X Interface First Lookas always. thank you for the update. keep up the good work and dont worry about sticking to the time lines. just make sure it is a good product and ready to go :) we can wait
Make Planets Great Again!Hello All, i just got back from a 2.5 year break. and was thinking the other day how to make planets more dynamic with out making them to OP. i think the first thing that would really be
Holiday Book Drawing!Sweet, I would love this. Iguy grey
Undead HeroAhh ok i will try that, I was using my phone last night so I was constantly going copy link and paste link.
Undead HeroSo i sat down tonight and really did a good test, was on a roll and i can say it was very fun to play. I took and screen shot of what I noticed while playing. First on one lvl I dro
Original Client v1.8This is great, I love the scrap option. Now ozy just add a tap to attack on the old client, then you will have done the impossible.
Undead HeroGreat game, my complements to the designer. - it would be nice to have a control button over the sensitivity of movement. It can seem a little jerky when move forward then backwards.
BOE elephant in the roomTo be honest, I love the accept of self heal with out using the Garry. The major downfall is the binding. I have played this game for a pretty good amount of time. And i can say w
New Elite RanksNice. You can get to 40ep now on a term.
Critter CatchAfter playing the game for about 5 min I have noticed that my phone got very hot. I don't know if it is the game it self or the fact that yoy have to have your fingers on the screen the w
Critter CatchI also had no idea what to do lol, I tried eating the globes, but I lost lol. I tried getting the coins I lost. I don't understand how I go slower when I eat more and what I do to make
BOE elephant in the roomYou love boe because it is cheap. That's all, if All Eng costs were cut in half you would not even remember boe in a mouths time. That's all