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TIB 1 KS IdeasPost your ideas here for Ozy to read over. I'd like additional layers added above Rift where the NPCs are harder. Black should be made PvE only with no roids and no invasions. This is sol
KILL OG CLIENTSKill the OG Clients and force everyone to use Unity, having to maintain every client is causing Ozy a headache to the point he will not add new content to TIB.
client update complications could potentially be overOLD CLIENT NEEDS TO DIE, THAT'S WHATS STOPPING ANYTHING BEING ADDED TO THE GAME.
ROIDS ROIDS ROIDSGreat for those capable of it, think of the little guys lol
ROIDS ROIDS ROIDSCan we get a decrease in spawn time or stop them from going in invasions.
LAGIgnore this, maintenance work going on in london that's affecting the country.
LAGSame again today.
LAGGettiing huge lag spikes on my 7 accounts up to 2K, hooker even dc'd from the lag. This has only been happening since server reset. I'm in the UK, ran speedtests, pingtests, all reportin
BD value increasing, credit value decliningOzy could always get rid of BOE gear, just convert all boe gear back to non boe. (keep current item rarity of course) Best thing about BOE is I do not have to equip it to get nano, anot
Bank/InventoryNice :)
Bank/InventoryI think its possible to code since if you are out in black sectors on unity if you engineer an item and spend bds on ranking or augging that item will move from your bank to inventory. I
Bank/InventorySo during FvF or even farming our inventory gets sent to server then to all the clients every time we move sector which will cause lag. That's what I've been lead to believe. My suggestio
TIB Unity3D client -- Broken FiltersBig job on the filters, I'd imagine there would be a ton of code for it, maybe a complete re-work of the filters would be better, there is far to much to turn off and on, how about you jus