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Adv shields. DOOOOOO IT!Still trying to find a way to get the mods to nullify Novas when they they are the only defense to high level carrier tank builds. You said there was another solution that didn't need nova
TIB-X Map Design Contest #1
garrison research by creditsIf that's what you want why not just make it even easier by just saying once a corp reaches the level of credits needed through the corp bonus from farming and whilst we are at it through
My Review of TiBGood honest review. Well done. Glad you're enjoying the game.
Roid regen rate increaseSo those high levels can get even higher with less effort? Leave it as it. Roiding should be competitive. First to the roid wins.
Nova CPNovas have already been nerfed enough. It used to be great watching the supernova and hypernova happen. But it stopped fvf so was rightly nerfed. Now novas have to be used with some though
New cursor on PC versionThank You Xariol Cursor always used to stay same size as pc pointer. As Xariol says screenshot doesn't don't show the cursor I can't figure out how to do what he has. However on the log
New cursor on PC versionThanks for the Item art update. looks cool. However the new pointing cursor on the pc version is a bit on the large side. can this be reduced down a bit on the next update please?
Garrison research bonus.Would be nice
We need a merge... SeriouslyWhile we have decent pvp with Bamf it would be nice to have 2 or maybe 3 more big allis to fight with. Just my take on grey at the moment.
New Ship OutfitterUsed it yesterday. So much easier to swap items around to plan builds. Thanks Kieran your awsome.
The Infinite Black - v1.4.6Settings menu doesn't scale. it is HUGE. Sorry
LeaderBoard Problems?Is there a problem with the leaderboards? I have not been able to check out players when I click on them from the corp list. It also took me a while to access my corp list.
Armoury Broken?Thanks Megaweapon. It's all working fine now. Appreciate the fast response.
Armoury Broken?Nope still the same. Been like this for a few days now. For example it's not showing the right corps in HS. If it's just me me I'll email spellbook.