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Competition Boost (Leaderboards)i like this idea 1
My qqlets go further back when pvp or pve death ment u lost ur ship and was back in a shuttle. those where the days. most fun ive had in tib was back then
Are we allowed to pay to diethat sounds like cp farming which is against the rules as far as i remember. its prob from someone who is just shy of unlocking something and is desperate for the cp to unlock it. i person
Grey server fvffleet imbalance is prob why some wernt cp worthy.
ramsrams are very powerful in big numbers (notice i didnt say op) a lot of rams gives ur fleet the biggest chance of victory for sure. but using rams means u lose fire power (bh muni ae) all w
Ship Garagei agree gains. all bound equipment should get an auto unbind when we enter tibx that way we can re use them the best way possible without being forced to drop lots of credits/bd (if they s
Ship Garagei thought ozy already had this figured out. on moving to tibx each player gets his xp(lvl) in 2 forms. pilot xp then the same amount of xp ( lost xp due to lvl pen) to be allocated to the
Adverts and stuffif ppl say they dont support this they are just being selfish cuz a lil bit of advertising to make money isnt a bad thing esp if its like this where u choose to watch the add for a small p
The Heteroclite Kinghow many emperor class ships are there and will there be more later? and if so what if a corp makes the current one but wants the new one when it comes out?
Multiboxing single clientreally hope this makes it into game as soon as possible is the main reason im coming back to tib and one of the top things most ppl i talk to wanted to see.
TIBx: too many new concepts being suggestedwhats happening now is mostly everyone is throwing their shit against the wall and waiting to see what sticks. ozy asked for ideas and in most forum cases this is how it turns out. luckily
Remove Alliance and Add Factioni agree to a point. there should be 3 options and the privateer option. u will still get the big 2 but it leaves the option for an uprising and still gives ppl a Farmville option with pri
Remove Alliance and Add Factiongoing with the fast paced busting and redeploying would also mean the end of hcing cuz no one wants to hc without the feel of some kind of protection while they are asleep.
Remove Alliance and Add Factioni like the idea in general but theres things that need to be answered first like. alli repairs? (will this still be in game and if so who would handle it) cjs? (will we be able to jump
Multiple ships for use from 1 account/deviceits the main aspect im looking forward to.