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ConsolidationSO...ON my MOTD it says the devs are thinking of migrating RON into something called TIBX. . . I'm not totally against this idea however I am sure there are lots of devils in the details o
InvasionsYaz, I think we are actually in agreement. The invasions as they are now are not rewarding enough at the higher universes...or such. They need to be adjusted.
InvasionsStill loving the RON game and am a long time player... however I would like to request a change to the game if possible. INVASIONS! Invasions in RON are important, more so than TIB...as ev
RON - Unity Version or Even an update from the modsLogged into RON today and MOTD in corp says "Ozy said RON is shutting down"... any truth to that statement or just false rumor? I enjoy RON and TIB as they both have different flavors.I ho
Holiday Book Drawing!Entry for me please. Jupiter2 ign..gray server
NPC Stacking Logic balanceSo... I am an upper Level 50 player... trying to level up my ship (which is taking WAY to dang long...but that is another matter). THE LOWEST universe I can possibly farm with any benefit
invasion attacking garrison n we defend like a pve defenceSomething REALLY needs to be done with those Invasions... enabling them to attack garrisons is a cool twist..but also the mechanics around the value of killing a seed/hive/stronghold reall
A Few Ideas For RoNSOOOO Love the idea around play-timed repair. The more you play, the more your gear gets repaired... Fantastic Idea!
Recent ChangesI agree with Noob.... I am just about at level 60 myself and can not farm solo...PERIOD. I only get drops and XP in U5 and higher...tried solo in U5... NPC staked up and I was taking 1500
Portrait Studio Contest!Enter Me... I AM the SALTY DOG of the TIB universe.. Jupiter2
invasion dropsOk so... roll this ...roll that... chance of this..that... Garbage! ! My point in this post was that if a corp or corps team up and fleet an invasion...especially in the higher Uni's (like
Kindle Users Who Crash - Need Your HelpBtw...I recently attacked Amazon about this...almost Impossible to get through their lousy customer disservice army..but finally got to a tech and filed a ticket and was told if...if a cha
invasion dropsSo my Corp hit and destroyed about 12 invasions this evening...in u2. U3.and u4...all various types...of 12 invasions...our whole fleet on managed ONE lousy uncommon drop. Two ships got de
Speed Change calculation wrong?Hello! In the attempt to get my Despoiler as fast as possible, i recently burned some of my Combat Points for a Havok Tech I Computer. I then augmented it to 'Rare' which then listed the