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Have a good one TIB and SpellBookHaid, I’ll miss you buddy. You always brought a decent level of passion and influence to the table, which I admire. Thanks for all your effort and hopefully I’ll see you on the other s
Expansion: Ships & LevelsI like the idea, a lot of good games have point-based advancement systems that add to the fun of the game. Configuring your ship through what points you have spent where, almost like decid
The Infinite Black Expansion!I will do my best to be there for the live chat. Sincere thanks to ozy for hearing the community.
The Game is Dead...I dare say the smack talkers are quitting.
The Game is Dead...1) That all depends on the growth of dire. Right now, I imagine they haven't broke even yet 2) By investment, I'm talking employing people to develop it. If you think that isn't an invest
The Game is Dead...Not really. You have no idea what spellbook have had to invest in making dire.
The Game is Dead...When your creation becomes what puts food on the table, damn right I'd be worried of the creation going downhill too. It's easier for spellbook to create a new game, targeting a new nic
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSThere have been changes to engagements since strikes were introduced. That change is additional platforms. Once these were added, the ability to use strikes on engaged sectors (or their ef
Game balanceYes. But once they realise how hard black is upon hitting lv 15, they might still use grey for a bit. Maybe that's not the problem at all, it's just my opinion.
Game balanceThe ONLY problem with levels right now is that a player can struggle to be ready for black at level 15. Even with optimum gear, the most they could farm from grey is 600k. I think that pla
New game up and running.......Nerfing carriers is not the answer to any problem
Alien Hunter Nerf?The main benefit you get of using an AH is the amount of resources dropped... Every NPC has a certain EP value. This is a combination of the NPC class and the NPC level. A weak Drone is
New game up and running.......Ozy doesn't want to "dumb the game down" in any way. As such, player retention will never be fixed. Apparently, the game was designed to be hard.
Why carrier busters are cancer-I'm feeling rather hypocritical now but... seriously, stop commenting. Let the thread go to the grave, where it belongs.
Alien Hunter Nerf?Wow... All this over some dice rolls. Don't ever play D&D. AH only increases the chance by a very small amount when you look at the stats for how many seeds are killed a day vs. what