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Thanks for Whatever You Did to Balance the Game Last WeekendIf balancing is meant to further reduce the skill ceiling of the game, might aswell remove the custom applied nerfs on certain players to balance the field more evenly.
Expansion update?They closed their TibX KS backing a cpl years ago. As per their website, that project is still under development. If you want to support, you can do it with buying bds, spread the game o
Skullable Limited Edition Storages@LordQuintus It doesn't cut it.. And stun, grap, splash resist doesn't work as its said in the wiki, they're either toned way down or made entirely pointless to build upon those. We don
Skullable Limited Edition StoragesNothing about the special boxes will do any good to the game unless other pieces of gear are made popular.. Bring in faction gear compatibility bonus. Something like more of the same f
NovasAnd not allow tanks to be used more..? what's your point and logic.? Btw didn't mention 1% for novas.
NovasPlease consider adjusting the nova durability damage accordingly during the 1% gear damage event. Or it opens up a new level of tank gb abuse.. Thankyou.
1% dura loss eventHey Spellbook, can we have this as a permanent thing.? Cut all the pvp CP gain by 1/5th of the current value. Maybe keep the garrison cp and dura loss unchanged. Just feels like we will no
One day event.At this point, anything is good if the mods are willing to do it.
GB FiX - The dead horseThat's what i thought, elite ranks was a mistake, strikes were a blunder.
today marks month 5 since any TIBX updates on the forums.Spellbook games have always lacked proper advertising.. I wouldn't be surprised if tibx is already finished development way past but held up before VR boxing garners enough attention so a
:strike LI got no interest in this convo, but i think you havent seen 2-3 ships wipeout rifty teams... I wont put out the names of who drove those rifty teams out of respect, coz they did the best
:strike LHmmm...rifty survival plan..? i dont think that works as you say.. I've been witness to have seen two three super carrier skip Ram bfg's with :strike L, wipeout entire rifty teams with co
Expansion Update & ScreenshotsAll is see here is like.... The money motherfucker 'Cause I got no more patience Double talkin' I got (lies) No more patience man you say you won't Can you make your mind up? Please
:strike LI'm against usage of strikes outside of defense purposes for which it was brought in to balance in the first place. It feels great to rack in good cp with them, but there's no skill invol
*WARNING!!! INCURSION ALERT!!!*Im not trying to be critical of anybody, but i think we qq too much for new stuff for eg schoolyard. There's a limitation in what all can be implemented with the present server code and w