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Development Server.Hi devs, is it possible to have the development server back plz.? There are so many interesting stuff ppl would like to try out with. Thanks n Gud luck to sb team on tibx.
Positive Experiences on Schoolyard PvPSuper Awesome... Getting to see new guys step up to the next level gaming like learning to rescue, drive etc. This just means the fun wont be limited with only those usual ppl leading stu
Gear Rank DownIt would be good if an item is allowed to be ranked down to zero equip points, since it is possible to augment items to zero equip points i think the rank down to zero should be available
ramsIf you are or have a tech, just press ej/cj..if you re not then just ej/cj wen locked..rams alone cannot kill you, need hooks too for rams to be efficient. If you are a carrier with a te
The Heteroclite KingOzy..u better allow us to start working on that sooner lol...ty fr the effort.
Lets be frankNice, thats a valuable input, but not much troublesome as i guess there is a solution to this. "Only members of a guild lvl.10 and above can rep. others and the votes you have cast will b
Lets be frankIdentifying a genuine player is near impossible from the dev side. The side which has more knowledge of the REAL player is the community itself. Id suggest a new multiplayer reputation mec
PvP Arena 1 to this idea... But I like this to be a daily tourney, with the top three in each category at the end of the event get rewards like money from the tourney pot. A little change I'd lik
Make Tib Great Again..!!@Mith..Yea no one owns anything here and im sure people accepted the eula before playing which is not being discussed about now and doesnt need much stressing, its about making sure u keep
Make Tib Great Again..!!The amount of work ozy has put in dire(another SB game) is awe inspiring, whereas the state of tib is dismal..not because the game is bad but ppl have been unwelcoming to changes in the pa
Hardcore itemization - is this possible without seperate servers?I agree it takes away the challenge, but there's not much the game can do atm to support hardcore only features...u need some soft cores to support it. I ran two squads of hcs once..found
The HC versus the non HC world.Players run non hc because they like the casual aspect of it, u can't punish those ppl because someone finds hc'ing risky..well that's part of hc. And that's a choice, no one's forced to d
The HC versus the non HC world.hc toons lose xp and item which is a risk as they have the reward of stat bonus, whereas non hc has the stat imbalance to hc's which is its risk and the item steal which is its reward....
Common CraftingYes Sir..atleast for the time being, a drastic reduction in the requirements for common gear would be helpful or id say do away with the gem requirements for commons at best which are slow
Common CraftingOzy, is it possible to also have the old common crafting option for 100 silvers back plz.? Its like more than 2k silvers to get the recipes to craft common now, I used to run different s