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Event ideaSounds cool except that means so many of the players with actual low level garris like that are gonna get busted so people with nanos that meet the requirements can get gear they don't nee
Could this be the next eventOh triple xp everywhere may be enough reason to play again
Positive Experiences on Schoolyard PvPIt's great, I had my first time driving an fvf stack during one of these, and even if I got my ass kicked and was panicking the entire time I had alot of fun lol, I've been rescuing during
My Thoughts on SchoolyardLol I know theres better things to do but I suck at staying motivated haha
My Thoughts on SchoolyardWell good luck with it! I'll still play tib cuz if I quit after spending 5 years of my life playing this game I'd have nothing better to do lol
My Thoughts on SchoolyardI'm gonna assume you meant implore, but reading it as explore makes me laugh, so thanks for that lol.
My Thoughts on SchoolyardGood luck with that, I can already picture reactions now lol
STILL AGAINST WEEKEND EVENTNot all carriers are capable drivers... I have a carrier ans I wouldn't consider myself a capable driver
schoolyard thingPlease no, that titan event was the worst so annoying lol
What is in a name?I was a kiwi born in 96, bout all there is to that name lol My alt in my nano is SushiSquared because I like Sushi and I like Squares
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpDuuuude I'm looking forward to a 60k cp weekend lol
My Thoughts on SchoolyardImma take part in it till it stops happening all together ya know? I enjoy it, I'm not even in it for the cp lol, I just do it cuz my friends are takin part in it and tib is fun when ya pl
Why half of TIB's playerbase does not support schoolyard pvpYep, I just wanna play cuz it's fun lol, couldn't care less about the rest of it, I enjoyed it so thats all I really care about.
Semi-Official Weekend Schoolyard FvF EventAlot of people use it outside of just this weekend event too, makes fvf way more interesting when your on a voice channel with your driver and a bunch of rescues and other guns