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Halloween event?The titan and smaller ship triple cp event was fun, bring that one back....
Ship GarageImo, xp should only apply to the pilot and not the ship at all, ships should require maintenance to keep them useable... For example, driving a car... the longer you drive a car the bet
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerLevel is the easiest gap to over come... if you don't believe it look at gold, 101010 just hit level 295 today, and that server is still very young.
Alliance and corp sizesIt not a new game, it's an expansion on the existing game!!! The existing population has already tried smaller allies and corp sizes and failed to sustain growth. Look at green server.
Alliance and corp sizesWhat people are not getting is that this has already been tried and failed... and in turn when unity merged happened the same population asked to increase corps caps rather than decrease t
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerImo, it's not the level gap that is an issue, it is the gear gap. Look at what it cost to buy or augment 1 ultimate item right now. It's anywhere from 6mil for a storage to 25mil for a
Alliance and corp sizesI agree that 2 super powers can be frustrating and get old fast. But previous efforts have shown that regardless of corp and ally caps, 2 super powers will always emerge... The problem
Alliance and corp sizesWe have tried all this already on green and grey, yet when unity merged the population wanted to increase corp caps to 400... Why would we try it again? Did we not learn from the previo
King PointsWhen i won my terminus years ago, it was only being given away as a gift and would also never be available except as a gift. It was also touted as the most powerful ship ever available in
Account MigrationI would like to know more about account migration as well... As I sit on unity right meow, I have a lvl 200 termy with multiple setups to choose from. And on the same account I have a l
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSThis is not a true statement in anyway. The only way xx garries have been dropped with almost 60seconds to spare was when bamf did not defend at all...
The Infinite Black fights back…My thought for new content is for a new type of NPC invasion that is driven to attack garrisons and is spawned as a monthly event with a few days’ notice so alliance can plan and prepare
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSExactly, it is crazy, so is nova defense... Since before strikes and extra plats were introduced, we have not seen gb without nova defense. And imo, strikes and extra plats should be te
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSWhat if we limited novas on engaged sectors to once every 60seconds, or remove the bd heal cool down on engaged sectors? No changes need for strikes, imo.
Garrison & Engagement BalanceTo be fair, we only have maybe 1 or 2 ships with 40k effective hull... rest are far less...