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Lets be frankGotcha. So HUP's xp gain will only be nerfed when both Krazy and Kish unite to downvote them. The odds of two guilds ever working together are slim. <_<
Lets be frankMain thing the game needs is a reason to cooperate. All players can field TWO full squads of fighters and solo kill deities or raid or craft or harvest or capture or pvp in the fight club
Guild Hall DefenseYou're seeing some of the many reasons that PVP sandbox games generally don't allow you to raid your opponent at all hours of the night. Well, there's EVE but people are more than willing
Guild Hall DefenseThis sounds like a PVE way to raid guilds actively or a way to prevent guilds from raiding you unless they meet the gear check. Your stated objective: increase the number of people requir
New Archer AbilityWhether you want it or not, Ozy already announced that he will be giving every class an active ability. Including Hero. It's all on the To Do list.
DPS changes via new weapon typesBut Homer's practically starving! Throw the dog a bone. You've got even more trolls in your guild. Ibsen spent six hours talking about child rape, aliens, demons being real, Satanism,
DPS changes via new weapon typesSilence child, adults are conversing. Sorry Vorolea that they interrupted our discussion. It's hard to find a babysitter these days.
DPS changes via new weapon typesAgain off the mark. In no way did I imply that was the most important point. I asked you to review #1 because your comment was that quote "Just sayin' could of avoided a surprise b
DPS changes via new weapon typesNot at all, in fact chess strengthens my position. You can at a glance recognize any chess piece and know its capabilities. You don't need to pick up the piece, look under it at some mag
DPS changes via new weapon typesWhich is fine for rare occurrences like Leaders or Dieties. This as Vorolea elaborates is a thread supporting dolling out those skills more commonly. Wasn't the purpose of having weapons
DPS changes via new weapon typesThree things... One, all I did was offer my own subjective feedback on the idea. I don't need your trashing my opinion. My error? Dude, I defeat leaders no problem. It merely irks m
DPS changes via new weapon typesI actually dislike that leaders have abilities I don't. Did he just VOLLEY me with a FIRE staff?? It makes it more confusing if we have to learn how to fight against things that don't
Quest difficultyThere's a difference between challenge and tedium. If say this were chess and every piece killed in one shot then the game would require exceptional tactical knowledge. The AI would need
+dmg does not speed up pvpI am similarly setup to Reonhato. I started with one of each class then added the three golems I received to the mix. The fourth squad has yet to be concrete but I'm fancying most the tw
+dmg does not speed up pvpI don't believe the ease of winning has anything to do with the length of the match. You may have felt it was a sure thing but tanks backed by healers are still a mountain of hitpoints to