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Could this be the next eventOnly ban tanks and novas? How about techs too, no hulls over a certain size. Oh...also strikes.
KILL OG CLIENTSIf I was forced to no longer use the android version, I'd be playing far less than I am. The ability to bookmark sectors is the number one feature that unity doesn't have. The ease of driv
Alien Hunter Nerf?When I see a player get a prec drop because I didn't get the Kill Shot, and is half my level and I've only been getting UR's and below (with one Leg)--I decided to question it, and glad I
Alien Hunter Nerf?Thank you Ozy and others. I suppose that the Ulti AH is more about Farming than getting drops. Here's some questions that I still have: Why does a Prec AH get Ulti drops? Why is it
Alien Hunter Nerf?You're suggesting that I do more rifties, have more patience? I know that I'm not the only player to have this issue. It appears to be a bit more than "bad luck". The question I have is, t
Alien Hunter Nerf?As mentioned in the link: The Loot Drop Bonus will apply to all allies in the sector. So, what can I do to increase my chance of a Prec or Ulti drop when I see others getting many? Keep
Alien Hunter Nerf?I have an Ulti AH and in the past 20 rifties, the highest rarity I have gotten is Legendary (and only once). This was tested by someone I was doing a rifty with, who is approx half my lev
Decon in Rift Blue For Non UnityI'm not planning on dl unity on my android phone.
Horribly Annoying Heal Spam in ChatsI'd like to remove notice of someone tf'ing a garri.
Decon in Rift Blue For Non UnityFor non unity players, like myself, I would like more options for deconning items. Perhaps having ability on rift blue too? Has this already been suggested?