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Change Gambling in TIB-XI think as you suggest this is best left to see how it pans out in tib-x rather then discuss things that are never going to change Unless it is for clarification of my points i wont res
Change Gambling in TIB-XI don't intend to be one of those people that criticise for the sake of it but i think some of your arguments are flawed. You say the biggest factor taking money out of the game is gambli
TIB-X updateAs far as anyone knows i don't think this is going to happen. I don't see the point in merging them if ozy hasn't decided if it will be a 'forced' merge into tib-x yet, having an extra me
F4 for EJ doesn't work, F5 for CJ doesI play on PC and the F keys do various things. F5 is corp jump which works fine, but F4 for earth jump doesn't start the countdown. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to reso
Expansion: Ships & LevelsAs far as i understand yes, the plan is to have multiple ships on one account, This gives players on phones a chance to multibox and also reduces the demand on teh servers as there will on
GB band-aid ideasI would slightly favour option 1 as this means everyone can contribute in equipping the defence either in gear or creds to buy the gear, rather than option 2 where you would probably still
The Game is Dead...I really hope this is the case, and would be very happy if it was
New alliance credit sinkThank you for your post. I may not have explained it very well, the plan was to remove the re-deploy costs and have it all in the daily 'tax' at the minute we are paying 25k per lvl per
New alliance credit sinkJust to add, the 10k per level per day came from the need for SB to still get their credit sink, so 1k wouldn't work
New alliance credit sinkI am glad that you agree that paying 1.6mil a day is ridiculous (10kx20x8), how do you feel about paying 2 or 2.5 mil a day then like Assassins do? This is exactly my point, even someone
New alliance credit sinkThis is a brief idea of a new credit sink as Spellbook have said that (paraphrasing) they are fine with Assassins footing the bill for the credit sink for all three Alliances. (I will prov
Setting dissapearingTo get them to save, you need to open one version, log in, change everything you want then log out and this saves it Rinse and repeat for each alt You can then log in as many as you want
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSThis is my point exactly, HS and BAMF cant roll each other so they roll us because it gives them something to do and a chunk of cp for almost nothing when it is very difficult for us to de
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSSmall changes are made to the game in order to try and balance things out but not every possible eventuality can be accounted for by ozzy so some things are more effective/beneficial/use t
Garrison :STRIKE!I agree with having different colours but being colourblind, red and green may still be hard to distinguish. Maybe red and blue or red and yellow