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Bring Back Server Transfers!!!!Sounds good to me. More player on unity is always blessed Great idea xanathos
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSBullying.. what are you, 5 year old? Bamf was rolling us every day and would you look at that, not anymore. Without any changes from ozzy to help. No1 allowed anything, this was team work
STRIKES DURING GARRISON ENGAGEMENTSYea, strike during engagement is op. Remove them and watch bamf still fail on a single point hit
Why carrier busters are cancer-dont you have a cluster to redeploy?
The Infinite Black Assistant [1.0b]great app and very helpful. now after the 1.5 update, windows cannot be manually resized like they were till now. can you pls check this issue?
Server downserver up (for now)
Server downevery other game doesn't crash this often
Red + Blue + Green Server Mergec ya soon xariol *wink wink*
Server Merge - SoonVOTE VOTE VOTE
Server Merge - Soonwhats the point in having more then 8 corps if they cant be deployed?
Server Merge - Soonim glad u pvp and get kills, that is the game. but why the dbag part again.. u mad bro? :) p.s: pls quote for me the part where i say (24/7) ill smash rbg
Server Merge - Soon"it would be like Red server all over again" 1 best times ever
Server Merge - Soonaragorn, sounds like you should RON instead of TIB. this way u can control when it is ur heart desires to actually pvp in a pvp game
Server Merge - Soonunless you played since red and saw blue open ur point is invalid coz all u saw open is grey. unless you saw the full history of servers open after being 1 and single server, you simply ha
Server Merge - Sooni realy like the idea, this way everybody can vote, forum active or not. 1 bro