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Why carrier busters are cancer-This thread gave me butt cancer.
Carrier on GBThe fun part was a challenging GB for both attackers and defenders. If techs and busters lost focus, they died. If defenders lost focus, they lose a garrison. I don't give a shit about
Carrier on GBThere were deaths. There were fails. There was FUN!
Carrier on GBDoesn't quite work like that, but you wouldn't know since you were too busy farming easy levels and credits on red server.
+100 Hit vs Evasion BugBut there was still a small probability you could kill any of them.
New Ship-VindicatorNaw... make it a built-in nova and MAKE GB GREAT AGAIN!
The counter.Cap hit chance at 95 during garrison engagements and that would fix a lot of the alleged issues at hand. Bfg teams and gb techs would need to focus hard and it would open up a lot more opt
Nova CPOh no! A couple 50 RP items made my $500 OP set worthless!! HELP!
The counter.NEXT!!!
Carriers broke the game?Here's an idea! Allow both alliances on an engaged garrison 150 vs 150. Only 15 ships can attack platforms, intra, garri. Opposing alliance only has those precious 200 seconds to try and p
The TANK special with no gun, vs Garrison perks.Awww QQ someone's mad! Lol NEXT!!!
Meta-Gaming GeneralRstln has already been doing his best to nerf multi boxing for the rest of us, thank you. /thread
New Ship-VindicatorAllow players to destroy their terminus for a 30k cp rebate on the cost. Looks like a fun ship!
tradeRstln has to pick one thing. Embarrassing himself while rampage gives him blowies on either the forums or facebook, but not both.