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Lets be frankcan we have ascend limited to 5 times (10 way too much) but also the option to buy rank up potions for fighters with skulls? those that want to pve and grind can, but those that want to pv
Lets be frankHow about single fight quests that call for 3 or 4 different player squads? Go kill this diety with friends or guild mates get x?most people run 2 accounts so your likely to get at least 2
Lets be frankwould it be possible to only allow remote driving only for guild hall defense?
Lets be frankPlay the game you'd known that you don't need alts nor can you seal club.
Lets be frankDire isnt doing well as anticipated. Player retention is falling and hardly any new people are trying it so I seriously doubt it's making money especially now with attention being directed
Guild Member MaxDon't allow guild hall attacks period. Relics can only be in guild hall for a set amount of time then they disappear and repopulate somewhere else. You can only bring res nodes into your g
Guild PvP ChangesBypassing guards wasn't an issue. It made the raids much quicker for both sides. Part of the issue is everyone put vaults and other relic room behind the initial relic room not even bothe
Guild PvP ChangesImo I think the let us build our own guildhall idea just needs to be wiped out. Replace it with a standard layout similar to how you did with the corridors and each new room built is adde
Guild Member MaxPerhaps guilds being smaller can specialize and pick a bonus for that speciality. Pvp - bonus to attack. Pve - evasion. Crafting - harvest bonus. Hardcore - luck. New players - hp. Yes the
Guild Member MaxI agree with monk. But also ozy and what we think is best for us may not be for the game. Drop it to 60 and if new players are interested in messing around and starting their own guild and
Guild PvP ChangesWould prevent there being a meta of 3 talisman squads
Guild Wars....more like Guild Defense.An idea. Each player gets their own npc fighter "pet".completely customizable . Name, race, class. (Encouraging players to invest in their own fighters). The level of their "pet" and gear
PvPI enjoyed the npc pulled in too but the problem was that whoever was in the middle of the other 2 got screwed and it was an unfair fight. One of the best battles ever had in the game thoug
Guild Wars....more like Guild Defense.Right now I think the main reason for raiding is a) easy skulls, ai controlled guards or low levels then leave. B) to deny the defending guild what they have.. relics/nodes. Turning off bo
PvPGuild rivalry aside realistically there's maybe 10-15 total people that are actually involved in guild raids or PvP (that arena thing isn't really working). I think a bigger question shou