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:strike LIt’s funny how we would defend any game mechanic that we think it benefits us personally. At least drop the ‘it benefits the little guy’ line.
schoolyard thingMore restrictions you add to it, less people will join.
iPhone 8 Plus ConnectivityTried editing apn, still not working. Funny I have no issues login to Dire.
iPhone 8 Plus ConnectivityTried everything I could think off, but I still can’t connect with data. I see the message of the day, but I get the No network error at login.
iPhone 8 Plus ConnectivitySame here on iPhone 6s However, in 2017 I had no issues.
server is down ?Can only login over WiFi. I have data enabled for tib. iPhone 6s
Merge us alreadyYeah, almost seems like a choice ppl have to make. Multibox or quit.
Merge us alreadyMany ppl play the game because of the social element evolving from the need to work together to accomplish things. Many buy bds to get better gear and be able to join fleets and play all t
The Heteroclite KingKing ships acquired with ks could belong to ppl that got them, but those built by a corp should belong to the corp that built them.
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerI agree. Some ppl may leave the game because they get killed. Most of the times people that stick around until lvl 30 or so will quit because they feel that gearing up their ship is too sl
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerGrowing up in Green I got killed many times as a noob by a small pvp stacks and I doubt my experience was that different from that of a new player in other servers. 30 ships stack may h
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerA fleet of 10 lvl 20 ships with leg pvp gear would easily get kills agains a farm fleet; not insta 5 ships but result will be similar.
LevellingHow about making new lvls add points that player can invest where he/she wants instead of the standard hit, Eva, etc? With possibility of resetting the point allocation with some exp/lvl
The Heteroclite KingWould the king ship builded by an alliance be somehow tied up to that alliance? Since the investment to build such a ship seems quite high it and will require an huge effort from the whole
Alliance and corp sizesFactions may work and could be interesting. Just throwing around some ideas: - Maybe make it so ships can only follow a driver from their own alliance. - allow some form of pvp betwee