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A few suggestions easy to codePosting fees are not expensive now. Everyone in a corp with Garrison Nanotech turned on receives 1% repair on equipped gear every day at hc time. There are way more double BD sales t
Leads assign :leadvision ?Since a lead would have to be the assigning authority, and responsible for assigning vision to individuals worthy of all seeing vision, I don't see how spies could abuse this. Unless, of c
Special Items!!!!!!?!?!?!?????Really big, doesn't mean really best. Yep - overrated for sure. I've got 3 primary stores I wear, depending on what I'm doing. One for XP, second for hit., third for hook, RBC aint one
My Review of TiBWelcome to TiB. Looks like honest review. I see nothing that should rate negative feedback. Although, gaining revenge on a multi-boxer in only 2 weeks is to say the least challenging. T
A little frustrated with cartographer achievementI went nuts finding last couple sectors. Actually went and bought tank just to get to last few, and a skip to pass quickly thru enemy yard .... I'd hit the point where dang it, it was time
Change for engineeringNo one uses engineering? So, those items I see ranked, augmented, decon'd, that happens on a 'magic' button? Funny, I used the engineering button just a couple minutes ago. We'd all have v
This has probably been suggested before, but it would still be cool.What about the vet who shows up to pvp wearing ur ah on his carrier .... lol ... yes - last night - lmao - ok I got a chuckle out of it anyway
How about a little common sense here?The dog did it.
Binary Gear ChoicesMissed the mark by a wide swing on specials in particular. Ram, Tech, Hook, Beam, Nova - all widely used. Deflector, Adv Elec, Muni, Shields all get used to varying degrees in various scen
Insert Dramatic Title Heresarcasm? yes?
Most missed forum featureIgnore. Ignore is easily, not even close to anything else, easily the most missed feature of these forums. The previous forums became so much more pleasant with the ignore command.
Why carrier busters are cancer-That's not really much salary. I was assuming 5, but ok you mentioned 4. At $15K for 4 people for a month that's a measly $45K annualized salary. or $21.335/hour if they work a straight 40
Why carrier busters are cancer-10-15K to hire a team of game developers to rebuild a game from the ground up. WTF are you smoking? It'd take at least that to get a team of software developers in the door, before you eve
Changes to Corporations*thinking out loud* We know rl friends often try games at the same time, together when it's multi-player, allowing them to squad up, free, interesting. I know I've tried games because a
Garrison :STRIKE!I like the idea of differentiating between friendly and enemy strikes on map. But I know the issue there is it requires a client update, while the initial testing of strike involves callin