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can't see Profile portraits in game QQHey, I noticed our profile portraits in game either are black or red question mark... What happened?
Adverts and stuffHow does making a new player watch a commercial help with new player retention?
Poker for expansion?Are you suggesting a casino map in Tib?
Ship GarageI didn't realize the intent was to let player fly all his ships at the same time... Will we be able to run multiple accounts on same device? Because if that's the case, just imagine a play
Ship GarageI do not like the idea of having player xp and than ship xp. I say let's keep it as it is... ships get no xp. Perks/Special abilities of the ship could imrove with player lvl
Is anyone serious about new player retention?I'm all for forming a Seal Clubbing corp of TiB. Where lvl100 players with ultimate gear team up and with extreme prejudice systematically eliminate and harrass lvl15 and below ships. The
New special idea? Lure specialI can't say I'm suffering from shortage of npcs in the black, but anyhow the expansion mentions something about new npc fleeting and ai. Let's be carefull what we wish for... that lure spe
Remove Alliance and Add FactionWouldnt that be fertile ground for abuse? (keeping smaller number of high level/high gear ships with additional damage to create op stack?). Overall i love the idea! What about personal/na
Thoughts regarding level separation between a new and old playerHey man, do you ever sleep?
The Heteroclite KingIf it is alliance effort to build one, who gets to drive it? what if somebody like a rogue lead steals it and joins opposing ally? Will het king theft be a thing? I get the feeling drama w
Gear repair with goldIn expansion announcement, I noticed that gear upgrades and repair will be available with gold. I think its a great idea!! I think it will boost the pvp. I was wondering, would there be a
BD value increasing, credit value decliningNew content/gear would only increase the demand for bd as auging and ranking would still cost bd. The problem would persist if not get worse. Judging by how introduction of N-Drives went,
BD value increasing, credit value decliningVicious cycle! People don't want to sell bd for creds, because creds are worthless at the moment. People are not even trying to buy bd with credits because its hard to find a seller.
New Nova device buffI just wanted to scope how community feels about new Nova special. I don't know If there is already a Nova device thread, I can't find one. I feel it needs some changes. I understand it is
Deflector SpecialI didn't see that in Wiki, thank you for clarifying!