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Unban the phobia acci was told i needed to talk to ozy
Unban the phobia accHey its phobia i tried to log into the game since i quit and some how my acc got banned can you please un ban them i would love to start playing again
WTB Ultimate Carrier Tank.. in grey server. Paying very good moneyh for one. Ultimate Anni Nova would be da bomb too (pun intended)
The Infinite Black - Unity 1.0Hm how do we get back into that screen? I think it may have asked for resolution when i first started it like few months ago (unless I'm remembering that screen from random pc version tria
The Infinite Black - v2.0 Beta Test (0.9.5)Would it be possible to change the color of ulti items (or common). Now ulti is just brighter white while commons are very light grey and they aren't very easily distinguished especiall
Bounty Hunter - Player FeedbackAs it stands now I believe a majority of the corps in our (zeequack) alliance have banned or at the very least strongly discouraged the use of bounty hunters in pvp. The reason being i
The Infinite Black - v2.0 Beta Test (0.9.5) 1 for more contrast on connectors. Also, better design / bigger size / brighter coloring or something is needed for starports and asteroids. Especially on smaller screens they both take w
The Infinite Black - v2.0 Beta Test (0.9.4)^ That buying BOE and realizing it actually isn't boe has happened to me twice too. Nowadays I log the old client to see the AH to confirm lol.
The Infinite Black - v2.0 Beta Test (0.9.4)Development plan sounds great despite it did seem to lack vertical mode - thats mandatory for any serious teching and it has plenty of other uses aswell - imho is one of the most important
NPC Kills / Server FirstsSo, there isn't a server first / ach for 6000 kills of one npc (QQ). Is 5000 kills the largest server first or are there larger ones, just not per 1k?